TikTok: You are visiting our service too frequently

in TikTok on December 29, 2020by Noah Albert

You are visiting our service too frequently error for TikTok

TikTok you are visiting our service too frequently

Sometimes when you’re trying to automate your TikTok using tools like Jarvee you may encounter this error when adding trying to add your TikTok account. This error simply means that TikTok is able to recognize that you’re attempting to log in to your account using a 3rd party app.

I did encounter this error myself today but after trying every workaround I was finally able to get around it and successfully was able to add my account on Jarvee. It’s worth mentioning that not all automation tools out there give this error. Fueltok, for instance, is a great automation tool for TikTok that’s cloud-based which means you won’t have to download and install any software.

How to Fix the “You are visiting our service too frequent” error for TikTok

The solution for this error is to make the user agent and cookies on your desktop identical to that of your automation tool. I know, it sounds sophisticated but it’s really not and shortly, I’m going to show you just how easy it is.


Since I first encountered this error when trying to add my TikTok account to Jarvee, I’ll use Jarvee to show you how I was able to fix this error. Please follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the Chrome browser on your desktop, visit https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/cookie-editor/hlkenndednhfkekhgcdicdfddnkalmdm?hl=en, and add the extension to your Chrome browser. you are visiting our service too frequently - extension
  2. Log into your Tiktok account on the Chrome browser on the PC
  3. Click on the Cookies Editor icon and then click on Export. export cookies for tiktok
  4. Paste the content in Notepad and save the file with a name that you’ll easily remember.
  5. On Jarvee, go to the SOCIAL PROFILES tab and open the TikTok account that you’re experiencing this error on. Now check Show Advanced Profile Settings to open advanced settings. show advanced profile settings
  6. Scroll all the way down to the Cookies section, click IMPORT and select the Notepad document you saved earlier. import cookies
  7. Now visit https://www.whatsmyua.info/, copy and paste the user agent in Jarvee (see attached images). copy user agent paste user agent
  8. You can now verify your account by clicking VERIFY ACCOUNT on Jarvee. TikTok you are visiting our service too frequently valid

That’s it!

Feel free to write your questions in the comments section below if you need further help.


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