TikTok unfollow limits for 2021

in TikTok on January 19, 2021by Noah Albert

How many people can you unfollow on TikTok per day?

We’ve covered in-depth previously the daily follow limits on TikTok and it’s necessary that we should also talk about the unfollow limits. My personal opinion has always been that on any given social account that you’re running your marketing campaigns on, your number of followers should always be greater than the accounts you’re following.

This is both good for your account’s aesthetics and for platforms like Twitter where you cannot follow more than 5000 until you reach a certain ratio of followers, this will help to be able to follow more than the limit set by Twitter.

Other reasons why you may want to unfollow on TikTok include, you’re following too many people whose content is now irrelevant to your niche or you may just want to unfollow users who did not give you a follow-back.


A task like this may sometimes require TikTok automation tools to accomplish as finding users who did not follow you back is both time-consuming and tiresome.

So, what’s the daily unfollow limit for TikTok?

The unfollow limits are very similar to the following limits, but as we’ve always insisted on in previous articles, you should always start slow in order to warm up your account and gradually increase your daily limits.

This will help you avoid getting your account flagged and shadowbanned for suspicion of spamming.

The current safe unfollow limits for TikTok sits at 200 unfollows per day. To be on the safer side, you shouldn’t unfollow all 200 at one go, instead, you should always break it down to the hours per day that’s available for you to work on TikTok. Let’s look at this in the next sub-topic.

How many people can unfollow on TikTok per hour?

If there are about 6 hours available in your daily TikTok work schedule, you could safely unfollow 30 accounts per hour. It would be even safer if you performed 10 unfollows, waited 10 minutes, unfollowed another 10, waited another 10 minutes, and then unfollowed the last 10 for the hour. TikTok automation tools would perfectly execute these actions for you.

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How effective is the follow/unfollow strategy for growing on TikTok?

The follow/unfollow strategy for gaining followers on TikTok, if done right, will get you about 50 – 70 followers per day. Which while that may not be a terrible rate of growing a following on TikTok, it really is far from impressive.

Having the right hashtag strategy and posting decent videos several times a day is likely to gain you a lot more followers. This is a strategy that we’ve tested and have also seen work for many people killing it on TikTok.

When you find the right hashtags that are targeted for your niche, you could easily use scheduling tools to schedule 3 – 5 videos per day and watch your account gain thousands of followers within a very short time.

What’s the best tool to unfollow on TikTok?

You should always ensure that whichever unfollow app for TikTok that you choose, performs the activity without exceeding the unfollow limits.

Fortunately, we’ve discussed here the best unfollow apps for TikTok and have zeroed down on two of the safest and most effective ones that you can use. We’ve used these for a couple of months now and can attest to their efficiency as well as to their safety.


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