TikTok: “You Have Been Invited to Join the Business Account.” Should You?

by | Sep 15, 2021 | TikTok

TikTok: You Have Been Invited to Join the Business Account

Everyone wants to get more views on their videos, but a lot of people are unsure if switching to a business account will help them achieve this.

TikTok is telling creators that by connecting it to a business account they can increase video views and promote brand awareness.

But is this claim true for everyone?

Should You Switch to the Business Account on TikTok?

TikTok: You Have Been Invited to Join the Business Account

We have seen divergent opinions from different people so let’s take a look at some pros and cons of switching your account type before you make up your mind!

What Happens When You Switch to a Business Account on TikTok?

Business accounts on TikTok provide users with features that are not available to all users, the most significant change is the ability to include a website URL in their profile.

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Disadvantages of Switching to a TikTok Business Account

disadvantages of switching to a TikTok business account

We asked TikTok creators in some of the Facebook groups we run about their experiences after switching their account type to a business TikTok.

Here are some of the disadvantages they shared:

  1. You can’t use most of the music as a business account
  2. Running ads to get more website clicks is very difficult because they flag absolutely everything for no good reason
  3. Most videos will be taken down after submitting them due to TikTok’s poor content moderation

Advantages of Switching to a Business Account

Some positive points TikTok creators shared after switching their account type to a business TikTok include:

  1. Having your own website link in the profile is really helpful when it comes to driving traffic back to websites, especially if you’re selling products on Shopify for example.
  2. Having your TikTok store is a great way to send traffic directly to checkout on your Shopify site
  3. Some people have even stated that their video views increased after switching, but the majority of TikTok users are still waiting to see this change.

With a creator account, being able to have your website link in your profile was only possible after reaching 1000 followers.


switching to a TikTok business account make for very little difference

The general consensus from the majority of the TikTok community is that switching to a business TikTok is not worth it at this current moment in time.

For those of you who are using TikTok to promote your products, the best thing you can do right now is to wait until you reach 1000 followers to be able to put your website’s link in your profile.

Alternatively, you can skip the wait by buying real TikTok followers from reliable sources.

How to Switch from a Business Account back to a Creator or Personal Account

Go to Settings >> Manage Account >> Change to Creator or Personal Account

In Closing

It’s important to remember that TikTok is still a relatively new app, and TikTok isn’t entirely sure what will work for its users.

They’ve said they are constantly testing out different features with the aim of improving user experience on TikTok.

Switching your account type to a business TikTok will not affect your follower growth or success on TikTok.

If anything, it may take you longer to grow if you switch because the content moderation is stricter now that TikTok has made this change to their terms of service.

The best thing for creators right now if they want more views and exposure on TikTok is to continue working hard and building up their TikTok following.

What do you think? Should you switch your account type to a business TikTok or keep it as is? Let us know in the comments!