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TikTok Keeps Logging Me Out, Why?

It has happened to all of us. You’re on TikTok, you get a notification that someone tagged you in a video, and then BOOM!

You are logged out of TikTok with no warning. TikTok Keeps Logging Me Out, why? 

This blog post will explore different reasons why your account is being logged out as well as some ways to fix it so that it doesn’t happen again.

Why Am I Always Having to Log in to TikTok Again and Again?

This is a question many TikTok users have been asking, and there are multiple reasons why this might be happening.

In this blog post, we will explore some of the possible causes for your account being logged off automatically on TikTok.

If you’re curious about what these causes are, read on.

Possible Reasons Why TikTok Keeps Logging You Out

The most obvious reason why TikTok may be logging you out is when TikTok servers are down. This is when TikTok servers are offline and there’s no way for you to access the app.

This can happen at any time, anywhere in the world – It doesn’t have to be limited to your region.

Since TikTok doesn’t offer a means of checking, you can use a free internet connection to see if TikTok servers are down.

You can go on websites such as down detector, and input your IP address in the search bar.

If you find that there is an outage happening in your area, then it’s a good chance that this could be why you’re having issues with logging into your TikTok account.

At this point just wait for the outage to end and try logging in again.

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Internet Router

If you can’t connect to your TikTok account due to a poor network connection, you can consider restarting your internet router.

This could be because the internet is having a hard time getting to your TikTok app on your device which makes it difficult for you to log in.

The best way to restart your router is by turning it off for 10-15 minutes by removing the power cord, then plugging it back in.

You can also do a hard reset on your router by pressing the “reset” button on the device if you are unable to turn it off (some models).

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Check Your Device Network Connection

Check Your Device Network Connection

Another common reason can be that your device is not properly connected to the cellular network. When you try to log in, your device might not be getting the internet connection that it needs and can’t load TikTok.

Check if WiFi is turned on at home or anywhere else where there’s a signal with enough strength.

If this is an issue, turn off WiFi on your device for about five minutes so it will force reconnect. For cellular networks, you need to check whether you have a service or a data plan.

If you have a service, then it’s possible that your phone is not logged into the network that can receive TikTok messages and notifications.

*Note: This might be an issue if you live in one of those countries where there are restrictions on social media apps.

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How to Check for a Data Connection on Android

How to Check for a Data Connection on Android

In order to determine whether you have any data connection, please follow the steps below:

Tap on “settings”

If there is a green checkmark next to Data Connection that means your phone has a network or WiFi signal.

If it’s grayed out then it means your device doesn’t have coverage and needs more time to search for networks.

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Account Disabled

TikTok recently purged all accounts whose users were below 13 years old.

This was after a fine of $5.7 million from a US regulator for violating children’s privacy.

If TikTok keeps logging you out, check your profile you might have registered your account using the wrong birth dates in which case TikTok may have disabled your account.

You can contact them using the “Report a problem” option and see if it can be reinstated.

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Software Glitches

Software Glitches

I have also read through TikTok’s help page and it would seem that if you had been logged out of the app, there might be an issue with your phone.

To fix this, go into Settings on your device and then select apps or application manager. Find TikTok in the list of apps and tap on information for details about its data usage, latest update date, etc.

Then hit force stop to close any offending process. next click “clear cache” before restarting the app.

You can also try logging out of all other applications as well, which may give better performance from the app itself.

This is especially true when it comes to battery life since more power will be allocated towards running a single program rather than multiple ones.

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Update Your Tiktok Application

Another reason why TikTok may be logging you out could be that it’s outdated. In order to fix this issue, update your app by following this procedure.

Click the three horizontal bars on your TikTok app, and then tap “Update”. If this doesn’t work or if you are not up to date with your updates, uninstall and reinstall the application.

One last resort is that you restart by logging out of any other social media account which also uses the same login information as your TikTok account.

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Cheap VPN Services

VPN Services

VPN stands for a virtual private network. A VPN service is a company that provides internet connectivity to its users through the public internet.

VPN services are meant to offer you a safe, secure way to browse the internet. they offer anonymity and may come in handy, especially in countries where TikTok has been banned.

when it comes to the use of VPN services, choosing the right one could be the difference between total disaster and success.

If you use a free or cheap VPN, you risk getting your TikTok account disabled. In order to ensure this doesn’t happen, use our tested favorite VPN service for your TikTok.

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We hope this article helped you answer the question, why does TikTok Keeps Logging Me Out? Feel free to reach us in the comment section for more details and clarifications.

As always your feedback is always appreciated. If it grinds your gears, ask us why? We can’t answer that question without you!


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