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TikTok Creator Fund: A Disappointing Scam or a Genuine Opportunity?

If you’re a TikTok creator, you may have heard of the Creator Fund, a program that pays creators based on their video views.

However, if you’re like many creators, you may have noticed a significant decrease in the amount of money you’re making from the fund, even though your views remain the same.

This can be incredibly frustrating, especially if you’re putting in the time and effort to create quality content.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the Creator Fund and whether it’s a genuine opportunity or a disappointing scam.

TikTok creator funds low earnings

What is the TikTok Creator Fund?

The Creator Fund is a program created by TikTok to pay creators based on their video views.

According to TikTok, the fund is designed to help “eligible creators earn money for their content.”

Eligibility is based on several factors, including the number of followers you have, the number of views your videos receive, and the type of content you create.

The Creator Fund is an opportunity for creators to monetize their content and earn money from their videos.

But as with any program, there are some drawbacks and limitations that creators should be aware of.

The Creator Fund: A Borderline Scam?

One Reddit user shared their experience with the Creator Fund, stating that they received only $180 for 15.2 million views.

This led to a discussion about the Creator Fund and whether it’s a scam.

Some Redditors claimed that TikTok is not transparent about how payouts are calculated and that the Creator Fund is a borderline scam.

One user suggested a way to track your earnings from the Creator Fund to see if it’s worth it for you.

By starting a spreadsheet and tracking your earnings, views, and PPV (pennies per view) and CPM (cost per thousand views), you can get a better sense of how much money you’re making and whether the Creator Fund is worth it for you.

This user also uncovered that TikTok pays creators a lower rate when their views are higher, which is disappointing and can make it challenging to earn a decent income from the Creator Fund.

Is the Creator Fund Worth It?

The low rates paid by the Creator Fund have left many creators wondering if it’s worth it to participate in the program.

Some Redditors have suggested using the new fund instead, which reportedly pays creators $12-25 per million views.

This fund, however,  is still in beta and requires creators to post original content that’s at least one minute long.

Despite the low rates, some creators have found success with the Creator Fund.

One user suggested that with 15 million views, creators could earn $13-14k from the new fund. This can be a significant amount of money, especially for creators who are just starting out.

Should You Give Up on TikTok?

Given the frustrations and limitations of the Creator Fund, some creators have given up on TikTok entirely. One user claimed that they gave up on TikTok and switched to YouTube, where they earn $20 per 1000 views.

While this is still relatively low, it’s higher than the rates paid by the Creator Fund.

Ultimately, whether you should participate in the Creator Fund or give up on TikTok entirely depends on your personal goals and preferences.

If you enjoy creating content for TikTok and don’t mind the low rates, the Creator Fund can be a genuine opportunity to monetize your content.

However, if you’re looking to earn a higher income from your content, you may want to consider switching to another platform.


The Creator Fund can be a genuine opportunity for TikTok creators to monetize their content and earn money from their videos.

The low rates and lack of transparency around payouts have left many creators feeling disillusioned and frustrated.

While some may find success with the Creator Fund, others may decide that it’s not worth their time and effort.

If you’re considering joining the Creator Fund, it’s essential to track your earnings and views carefully.

As we saw in the spreadsheet example, it’s possible to uncover trends and patterns in how TikTok pays creators.

You may find that the Creator Fund works well for you, or you may decide to pursue other avenues for monetizing your content, such as brand deals or sponsored posts.

Ultimately, the decision to join the Creator Fund or any other platform’s monetization program is a personal one.


What is the TikTok Creator Fund?

The TikTok Creator Fund is a program that allows TikTok creators to earn money from their videos based on their views and engagement.

How does the Creator Fund calculate payouts?

TikTok has not been transparent about how payouts are calculated, and creators have reported receiving lower rates when their views are higher.

Is the Creator Fund worth it for creators?

It depends on the individual creator's experience with the program. Some creators have reported earning significant amounts of money, while others have reported low payouts and frustration with the lack of transparency.

How can I track my earnings from the Creator Fund?

You can set up a spreadsheet to track your earnings, views, and PPV (pennies per view) and CPM (cost per thousand views) to determine if the Creator Fund is worth it for you.

Is the new beta Creator Fund a better option?

The new beta Creator Fund may offer higher rates, but it is currently only available to select creators and may require posting original content that is at least 1 minute long.

Should I switch to YouTube instead?

This is a personal choice, but some creators have reported earning higher rates on YouTube and finding more success there.

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