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in TikTok on November 29, 2020by Noah Albert

I’ve been growing my own TikTok accounts before selling once they reached 1000 followers. The problem with growing TikTok accounts manually is, they take so long to reach milestones unless, of course, one of your videos goes super-viral. It also consumes so much time.

To bring attention to your TikTok content, you need to put in a lot of time to interact with other users especially those in the same niche as yourself. That will include watching and liking their videos, leaving comments, and even following them.

Now if you’re planning on growing more than 5 Tiktok accounts, doing everything manually will definitely take away time from your other businesses and will probably end up not being a worthy cause.


For this reason, I needed a reliable TokTok bot that would automatically perform all other activities so that I would focus on creating interesting videos and also have time for other crucial parts of my business.

The thing about TikTok is, you want to be careful which bot to use. Many of the popular bots for TikTok being recommended on the internet usually lead to your accounts getting shadowbanned and even though you might gain a few hundred followers every week, your videos will still not get meaningful views.

I knew this going in so I created banner accounts that I was going to test on every popular TikTok bot before settling on the one that will have performed the best. Soon after, I came across Fueltok and was pleased to find that they were offering a 7-day free trial of their bot, so I went ahead and quickly signed up and started testing.

A review of Fueltok – TikTok bot

fueltok tiktok bot

Fueltok is a safety-conscious bot for TikTok that anyone who wants to become famous on TikTok can take advantage of. It is popular among individuals and social media agencies that grow TikTok accounts for their clients.

Fueltok mimics normal human behavior when interacting with other users in the same niche as your account and by doing so, you will quickly begin to notice your account getting more followers, likes, views, and comments, and just like on Instagram, when a video engagement goes up, TikTok’s algorithms will boost your videos so that more users that aren’t even following your account will get to see it which in turn will lead to your account getting more followers organically.

The Fueltok TikTok bot offers a variety of features that will take literally all the manual work from your hands and grow your account while you sleep. For someone who’s grown accounts on every popular platform, I was pleased to learn that Fueltok is cloud-based and therefore won’t require you to download any software, and best of all, you’re not required to purchase your own proxies in order to use the tool.

This means that whether you’re on a Windows PC, Mac, Tablet, or even your phone, setting up your Tiktok account on Fueltok is a seamless process and won’t take more than a couple of minutes.

When you sign up for the free trial of Fueltok, you get 5 slots so that you can test the bot on up to 5 TikTok accounts.

Getting started with Fueltok

Setting up your account on Fueltok is pretty user-friendly and shouldn’t take longer than 5 minutes per account. First, you’re going to sign up and sign in in order to get started.

Fueltok getting started

The Tiktok bot on Fueltok falls under Growth Service on the menu on the left-hand side. The Likes & Views option in the menu serves a different purpose, where you can additionally boost your videos by sending views and likes.

Fueltok features

Fueltok tiktok bot features

As mentioned earlier, the Fueltok TikTok bot offers a number of useful features for growing your account. Some of those include:

  • TikTok like bot
  • TikTok view bot
  • TikTok follow bot …

… among others.

When you set up your account on Fueltok the 1st time, the bot has a warmup feature where your account will start performing actions moderately before increasing pace to your desired speed. This also helps to mitigate issues like your account getting shadowbanned and thus your reach will not be reduced by using the Fueltok TikTok bot.

Fueltok also allows you to select your country of residence so that a proxy that matches your location will be assigned to your account and therefore help avoid rousing login suspicions that occur when your account is logged in from a different country away from where it was created.

Adding your account to Fueltok

  1. Once you’re logged in, click Add Account on any of the 5 slots presented to you.
  2. Choose your country of residence and add the phone number attached to your TikTok account and then click on NEXT. A verification code will be sent to your phone. Type it in and hit Submitfueltok select country
  3. Now individually add 5 TikTok usernames of big accounts in your niche (with thousands of followers) and hit ADD every time until you have all 5 then click Next. fueltok add sources tiktok bot
  4. Choose how fast you want your account to grow. You have 3 options here: SLOW, MEDIUM, and FAST. I like to go with MEDIUM as I prefer not to rush things, but you’re to pick any other. fueltok medium settings
  5. Now click on Submit and you’re all set!

Your account will now go through the warm-up phase for about a day before increasing pace to the speed you set earlier.

Fueltok pricing

Fueltok offers 3 different price points:

  • 1 Month plan
  • 2 Months plan
  • 3 Months plan

There’s really no difference in regards to the features and the only difference here is you’ll be saving some money by purchasing a bigger plan.

Fueltok TikTok bot pros

  1. You will be gaining REAL followers which in turn will boost your engagement
  2. Fueltok is cloud-based and therefore you won’t need to download any software
  3. The bot runs 24/7
  4. It’s safe and won’t get your account shadowbanned or disabled
  5. You can choose the location nearest to you to avoid suspicion (you don’t need to purchase proxies)
  6. Fueltok allows you to grow multiple TikTok accounts
  7. Affordable

Fueltok TikTok bot cons

  1. You can’t schedule posts on Fueltok yet
  2. Some people may not be very comfortable with the price particularly if you’re looking to grow only one TikTok account.

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