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Does Tiktok Block Swear Words

If you’re one of the many who question whether or not TikTok Block Swear Words, we have the answer-sort of.

Though the company does say they don’t want “graphic portrayals” and “profanity,” that doesn’t mean every curse word on TikTok is being censored.

Basically, if you don’t post something that violates their terms of service, it won’t be deleted.

If you use a bunch of swear words in your video and the app thinks they’re graphic, it will be removed.

It’s a lot more complicated than that, though.

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Does Tiktok Block Swear Words?

The answer is yes! You won’t find any cuss words in posts, videos, or comments with text that isn’t censored.

That means your page will look neater without asterisks popping up all over the place.

It also means you can filter out your own filters.

So if you forget to disable profanity while recording, there’s a chance TikTok might automatically censor it.

How To Get The Bleep Out Cuss Words On TikTok?

Ever wish you could bleep out cuss word? You can filter your videos on TikTok to do just that!

Download a free app called Threads from Instagram.

Threads from Instagram.

Allow the camera and microphone access within the app, so it will record video of whatever is happening in front of you as well as what’s said aloud.

In about 15 seconds, text appears which contains auto-transcribed speech with any curse words automatically replaced by “bleeps.”

Save this video onto your phone then upload it to TikTok where everyone around won’t have to worry about hearing anything they shouldn’t be allowed to!


How to Block Swear Words in Comments?

To set manual keyword filters, follow these steps:

1. Go to “Privacy” Settings

to Block Swear Words in Comments

2. Tap “comments” option

Block Swear Words in Comments  


3. Choose your keywords

How to Block Swear Words in Comments

4. Tap on the toggle for Enable


This will remove any comments with a keyword in them from all of our future posts automatically!

How to Use Restricted Mode on TikTok?

Restricted mode is a feature that allows you to block out swearing in posts and comments.

It’s perfect for subscribers with young children!  

Restricted mode will even filter out images containing inappropriate content.

Here’s how you can turn it on:    

Go to your Privacy & Safety settings (tap the three bars at the top right corner, then select “Privacy & Safety”)    

remove phone tiktok

Tap ” Digital wellbeing”        

Restricted Mode on TikTok

Turn restricted mode on by tapping “Enable”

How to Use Restricted Mode on TikTok

If no images are being blocked from your camera roll due to keyword blocks, then there may be an issue with your device settings.

Check that all of the sound/video recording restrictions have been disabled (see above instructions) otherwise this option will not be available.

 If all of your restrictions are disabled, proceed to make sure that you’re using the most up-to-date version of the app

You can also try clearing your camera roll’s image cache (hold down “home” button until options for apps pop up under your thumb, then tap the TikTok icon > select “clear storage”), or even resetting the device & reinstalling the app.

Are You Being Blocked From Filming on TikTok?

Are You Being Blocked From Filming on TikTok

If you’ve ever tried to film something fun or silly only to find out your video didn’t work as planned, there’s a good chance you were blocked from filming by Tiktok.

Tiktok will prevent you from recording a video if it’s considered inappropriate.

That just means your suggestive content, swearing, nudity, or sharing inappropriate material with your followers will be blocked.

So how do you fix this?  Well, there are two ways you can just delete the video and try again, or you can edit it.

If your post is blocked, all you have to do is remove any offensive material from your post and repost.

That would include removing any inappropriate hashtags (like #iktsuess), deleting certain words, or even editing out

What Happens If Your Video Gets Blocked?

As we said, words that are flagged as inappropriate will be either removed or replaced with asterisks and other symbols.

Anything dealing with politics or anything related to drugs and alcohol or anorexia will be blocked.


It’s easy to believe that something as simple and innocent as a short video clip could be censored – but it is.  

Not only can the app censor videos, but it also censors comments on videos!

This isn’t surprising since they are a business looking to protect their users from being exposed to things that may be inappropriate for children.

Naturally, if your content has been blocked a lot due to too many inappropriate comments or posts, your TikTok account could be banned.

We hope this article on whether Tiktok Block Swear Words.

Feel free to reach out by hitting the comment section below!

We’d love to hear any thoughts or questions that you may have regarding what we talked about here!

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Friday 19th of November 2021



Friday 19th of November 2021

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