You’re Temporarily Blocked from Posting on TikTok – Why and What to Do

by | Jan 5, 2023 | TikTok

you're temporarily blocked from posting on tiktok

You’ve been blocked from posting on TikTok. Why? What are you supposed to do now?

TikTok is a social media platform that allows users to upload short videos of themselves, which can then be shared with others.

It’s one of the most popular apps among teens and young adults today, but if you’re blocked from posting on TikTok for any reason, it may feel like your life has come to an end.

But don’t worry! Temporary bans usually last only 24 hours or so- here’s what you need to know about why this happened and how you can get back up and running again.

The message says:

You’re temporarily blocked from posting

Due to multiple violations of our Community Guidelines, you’re temporarily blocked from posting until …

you're temporarily blocked from posting on tiktok

Why Would You Be Blocked from Posting on Tiktok?

There are a few reasons why you might be blocked from posting on TikTok. One possibility is that you violated the community guidelines of the app.

This could mean that you posted something that was inappropriate, or that was spammy or blocked content.

Another reason you might be blocked is if someone reported your video.

This is unfortunately common on social media apps, as trolls will often report videos for no reason other than to get them taken down.

How Long Will the Temporary Ban Last?

How long the temporary ban will last depends on the reason for the ban.

If you violated the community guidelines, it will likely last for 24 hours.

If someone reported your video, the ban may be longer- up to a couple of days.

But don’t worry- you can always appeal the ban and have your videos reinstated.

Tips for Getting Your Account Back up and Running Again

Wait it out. If you’re blocked from posting on TikTok and your video was reported, then just wait for the ban to lift before you post again.

If it’s days long ban and you think that you can appeal it, go ahead and do so. Make sure your account is as squeaky clean as possible (i.e., no inappropriate content) before appealing the temporary ban on your account.

It is worth noting that even if your videos are reinstated, you are not immune to future posting blocks on TikTok.

The best thing you can do is be a good member of the community, and steer clear of potential triggers that will get you blocked again in the future.


Can Someone See Who Reported Your Tiktok Videos?

No, TikTok does not tell who reported your video. This is unfortunate because it often feels like you’re being blocked from posting on TikTok for no reason.

The community guidelines are there to help keep TikTok a harassment-free platform, so if someone is reporting your video just for kicks or to harass you, then the ban may be temporary and will likely last 24 hours or less.

How Do I Contact TikTok?

There are a few channels through which you can reach TikTok’s support team if you feel like you’re blocked from posting on TikTok for no good reason.

Pick one that suits your situation best among the following:

Do you wish to exercise your rights regarding your privacy or have a concern about your privacy?

Please complete the Privacy webform if this is the case:

Are you or your kid being taunted or harassed by a TikTok user?

If that’s the case, please report it in-app. as shown at

Trademark Issues

Please submit a report to our Trademark webform if you believe that your trademark is being infringed and have been unable to resolve this with the account holder directly:

Have you discovered material that you believe to be yours being illegally shared?

If so, please submit a report to the Copyright webform:

Feedback or any other issue

If you have an issue or some feedback for TikTok that isn’t covered in one of the preceding categories, please submit a message through the Feedback webform:

You can find direct emails to TikTok’s support team in this article about reversing bans on TikTok:

What Are Some Examples of Blocked Content?

Some blocked or banned content includes:

  • nudity or pornography
  • violence, gore, weapons
  • promotion of drugs or drug use
  • spammy comments/videos (such as asking for likes)
  • spammy accounts that post irrelevant hashtags in their bio to get likes and followers (this is not allowed by TikTok)

Keep these points in mind when creating your next TikTok video. While it may seem unfair at first if you’re blocked temporarily from posting on TikTok, chances are you accidentally violated one of the community


At the end of the day, you’re blocked from posting on TikTok for a reason.

Trolls and people who do not like you, for whatever reason, will report your videos. It doesn’t mean that TikTok thinks you’re a bad person- it just means they want to ensure their community guidelines are upheld.

The best thing you can do is be a good member of the community, and steer clear of potential triggers that will get you blocked again in the future.

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