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20 Things You Should Know Before Opening a Facebook Page

You should know that by opening a Facebook page, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions which means you’re signing up to be a public figure in your sphere of influence.

There are many benefits of having a business Facebook page, but before opening one you need to know various things about it: privacy settings, friend requests, notifications, timeline posts, etc.

To help you get started,

Here Are 20 Things to Keep in Mind Before Opening a Facebook Page



By opening a personal Facebook profile, you’re making yourself accessible to the world-meaning everyone can read your posts and watch the videos that you post.

If you don’t want to share this information with anyone, but still be active on social media, opening a Facebook page for your business.

2.Friend Requests

Friend Requests

Like any other social media network, you’ll need to approve friend requests that will come through your personal profile or page.

If you are a celebrity and want to receive many friend requests and messages from people, open up a Facebook fan page instead of opening a Facebook page.

3.Private Conversations/Messaging

Private ConversationsMessaging

There are many ways you can privately message your friends on Facebook.

You have an inbox and a chat feature (there is also the talk function), but if you want complete privacy, use the secret conversation function.

You’ll only see messages that were sent from people who have this function enabled for their profiles.

The best part is that messages sent this way only appear on your side.



If you want to be notified of everything happening around you, make sure the “Notification” tab is turned on in your settings.

Just because you have notifications on doesn’t mean that every time someone comments or likes a post, Facebook will notify you.

It’s only when you post something that will require notification.

5.Timeline Posts

To publish on your page’s timeline, you’ll need to enable the “Publishing Tools” option in your settings.

You can share anything-including text and videos but keep in mind that Facebook scans your published material for hate speech or adult content (which includes nudity).

6.Page Likes/Post Shares

Page LikesPost Shares

Pages posted on your profile appear in the “Likes” section and users can click a button (“Share”) to post it on their personal page (if they want) similar to what you see on Twitter when someone reposts or shares something.


If you want to let your friends know where you are, click on the “check-in” feature at the top of your Facebook page to create a popup window that allows you to fill out details about your current location.

So that people can see it when they search for updates about you.

You can share this information with either or your friends or the public.


If you want to add apps, games and like pages on Facebook, click the “Add an App” button at the bottom of your page’s left-hand menu to search for something interesting (there are thousands of options).

If you want to find a specific app, type it into the search bar on the left side.

9.Delete A Page

If you decide to close a Facebook page you created for your business or any personal profile, it’s simple all you have to do is go into settings, select “General.”

Then click the icon that represents your personal profile or page (look for a little box with an “x” symbol on the right) to delete it.

10.Password Settings

If you want to be notified via email when someone else wants to access your profile, there is a setting that allows you to receive an email every time someone logs in or enters information on Facebook from another computer (this is called “two-step verification”).

You can find this option under the general settings tab, there is a section that asks if you want to “receive notifications” for each action made by someone else.

11.Privacy Settings

Privacy Settings

To allow or block applications from accessing your personal details on Facebook (including apps and games), go into privacy settings where you can add a checkmark next to any of the options that are available.

You’ll get a pop-up box that asks if you want to allow an app to access your profile information or not.

12.Photo Settings

If you want Facebook to “suggest people” who can be tagged in photos, go into settings and click the option that says “Tags”.

It’s all based on information shared with others (aka who you’re friends with).

If you don’t want it to suggest anyone, simply deselect the checkmark next to “Suggest Tags”.

13.Website Posts

Website Posts

If you run a website but keep your personal profile on Facebook, there is an option that allows you to post content on your page like any other user.

You can write status updates, upload photos, and videos and even send messages-users can post your updates onto their own walls if they want to.

To enable this option, go into the general settings tab (it’s a long list of options that show up based on your account information) and click the “Edit” link in the section labeled “Add an App”.

There are thousands of apps, so it will take a bit to find the one you want (search for the word “website”).

Click on it and then click the “Add” button at the bottom of your screen.

14.Edit Page Settings

If you want to edit basic information about your pages like their name, description, profile picture, or URL, go into the page settings.

Click the pencil icon that represents your Facebook page and you’ll be taken to another screen where there are editable fields for “name”, “website” (if applicable), “contact email address”, etc.

15.Add A Contact

If you want to add someone as a friend from your personal profile, go into the “Friends” tab and then click on “Search for Friends”.

It will bring up a search page with options that allow you to search through your friend’s list, mutual friends, or people who are using Facebook.

Once you find the person you want to add, click on his profile and “Send Friend Request”.

16.Edit Account Info

Just like your business account or any personal Facebook page, you can edit anything about yourself that you don’t like (like a specific photo from an event).

You can also change your name (Pro Tip: if anyone is searching for information on you or your business, have a separate personal profile from the account that represents your company).

Add more information to your Timeline (although don’t go overboard-keep it fresh and create a bit of mystery). 

17.Keeping With The Times

Never forget that social media sites are always updating their features with new ideas.

So to stay current on any changes, check your favorite sites at least once a week or month (depending on how often it is updated) to see how things have changed.

This will greatly enhance your Facebook marketing strategy.

Steps to Create a New Business Page on Facebook

Step 1: Sign up for

Sign up for

Go to and enter your business information in the panel on the left.

As you do so, a preview will update in real-time.

You can change the category your business falls under, add a description of the business and upload cover photos.

Step 2: Input Page Information

Input Page Information

Click on “Page name” and type in your desired name for your business page.

Next move to the “Category” and type in your business category food and beverage, furniture store, delivery services

Next choose a category that describes what type of business, organization, or topic the Page represents.

You can add up to 3 categories.

Once you are done hit the create page button at the bottom.

Step 3: Set up Your Facebook Page

20 Things You Should Know Before Opening a Facebook Page 1

After you click the create button, the “set up your page” option will be shown.

Click on “Add Profile Picture” and upload your business logo.

Similarly, click on the “Add Cover Photo” and upload your desired cover photo.

Click on the “Save” button.

Step 4: Connect Your Facebook Page to Whatsapp

Connect Your Facebook Page to Whatsapp

Once you hit the “Save” button a new screen will appear prompting you to connect your Facebook page to your WhatsApp.

Add a WhatsApp button to your Page that people can tap to send you a message directly on WhatsApp.

Once you hit save, you will receive a confirmation code through your phone. Input the code to confirm your WhatsApp account.

confirm your whatsapp account

Step 5: Add a Whatsapp Button

add whatsapp button

This button sends people directly to WhatsApp so they can send you a message.

Step 6: Post with a Whatsapp Button

Post with a whatsapp button

You will have an option to create your first post with a WhatsApp button.

create your first whatsapp post

Step 7: Create a Whatsapp Ad

You can now run an ad on Facebook to make it easier for people to find and contact Social Tipster on WhatsApp.

create a whatsapp ad

Click on create Ad and follow the prompts. 

Step 8: Try Whatsapp Business

Try Whatsapp for Business

Next, you will be prompted to try WhatsApp for business.

WhatsApp Business is a business-focused messaging service that’s been designed to help micro and small businesses connect with customers on the most popular social platform – WhatsApp.

It has several features for local, independently owned companies or larger brands alike.

They can create a profile; store information about their location, products/services offered as well as contact details in one place; send bulk messages out by simply uploading an Excel spreadsheet full of phone numbers.

They can also set up automated replies so whenever someone contacts them through SMS (text).

It’ll show up within seconds on all devices connected to this account such as computers or smartphones.

 Plus, if there are people around you nearby looking for something specific from one of your products (like coffee) then just scan their QR code using the app camera scanner function and send them right over what they want without ever having met before! 

Step 9: Enable Location Services

20 Things You Should Know Before Opening a Facebook Page 2

 If making posts and adding photos doesn’t sound right for your particular brand, you always have the option of select “status updates” instead.

This might be good for those who want to start up a Facebook page for their business but don’t necessarily have time to make it look polished by posting photos and linking to things all over social media (or maybe you just don’t feel comfortable doing that yet! That’s okay too!)

Step 10: Have Fun

The final step is letting your brand pages do what they’re made for fun! Now that you have created one, now it’s time to let people know about it.

Post really great content on there and attract fans from around the world!

As we mentioned before, if your page isn’t looking exactly how you’d like it to in appearance or design after following the steps above, don’t worry!

It can be changed at any time by you or your web admin and it’s perfectly fine. 

Step 11: Check-In on a Regular Basis

facebook ads manager

If you’re considering running Facebook ads for business, you might check in almost daily to make sure that the content is being posted correctly (note: all businesses running Facebook ads do this).

Just be sure to check everything once a week to ensure that your page isn’t going stale, there’s no reason for you to have weekly calls with your web admin over something that can be done in 5 minutes!

Step 12: Thank Your Fans

Finally, we will leave you with the most important step of all thank your followers.

Thank you to every single person who has ‘liked’ your page and is following you there, it’s because of them that you’re able to have a successful business and run Facebook ads for business!

Be sure to show them what they mean to you by being consistent with posting new content, images, and status updates that will keep them coming back for more!

This will go a long way to increase your Facebook engagement.

To get a better understanding of how to create a Facebook page for business, make sure you don’t miss out on the rest of our social media series!


It can be very easy to create a Facebook page for business if you take your time, follow the steps listed above, and have fun in the process.

Make sure that you spend time every week posting great content, images, and links related to your brand so that people are able to see it all the time rather than just making a few posts and leaving them to wonder what else is there.

If your content looks great, it feels more legitimate and you can attract more fans than ever before!

If you haven’t done so already, make sure you check out our other posts in this social media series listed below to help you get the most out of your Facebook business page!