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The Mother-Child Instagram growth method explained

The mother-child growth strategy for Instagram has been around for a while.

As Instagram continues to make it harder for us to gain followers by limiting how many actions we can perform on the platform, most people are now adopting this strategy.

I’ll give you a review of the basics of what there is to know.

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What’s the Mother-Child Instagram growth method?

mother child instagram method

Also called the mother-slave method, this technique refers to the idea of creating and automating dozens of satellite Instagram accounts so that traffic is redirected to the main account.

The goal is that you can multiply the number of actions done on 1 account by the number of child accounts you have.

The subject is very broad and I don’t want to make a long boring post… if you have any questions or remarks, leave them as comments.

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What is it for?

The Mother-Child method can be used for LOTS of things: gain more followers, have more visibility, have more sales on your e-commerce site, e.t.c.

As long as you have a goal on Instagram, you’ll find this method useful.

This is a very good way not to have to pay hundreds or thousands in Facebook or Instagram campaigns – even if the result is not the same, in some niches you can have very interesting results at lower costs than Facebook ads.

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How do you set up the Mother-Child system for Instagram?

I’m not going to give you a detailed and complete guide, because that would take hours of videos… but I can already give you some tips that will help you get started if you feel like it.

  1. Buying an account: for your ‘child accounts’, only take older accounts and if you find a seller who will already put a few hundred followers on your accounts it’s better: you want to strengthen your credibility with the people you target.
  2. Account profiles: to appear credible you need to have child accounts with photos, bios, stories posted, otherwise, no one will buy or listen to what you have to say. Forget about fake accounts that don’t post anything, with no profile picture… nobody trusts them. With the mother-child method, you want to be credible and look like a real person behind those dozens/hundreds of accounts. Use only 4G proxies otherwise, you will have problems with blocked or banned accounts. Ideally, you need to post every day so the account looks real.
  3. Traffic creation: feel free to use the features Jarvee offers you. Personally, I prefer to send private messages, that’s what converts the best. Direct your message by quoting your main account and with a clear call to action according to your needs. Use the spintax Jarvee provides you to make your messages unique or you will be quickly blocked by Instagram. I can do a tutorial on this if requested.

You can also create coupons, recruit brand ambassadors, run giveaways… In fact, creating child accounts, fan accounts for your brand, for yourself is very useful and has no limit.

If you are comfortable with Jarvee you can win several thousands of followers with this method or make your e-commerce sales explode.

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The Mother-child technique is long to set up and requires practice: it is by studying all the features Jarvee has to offer that you will be able to improve your results.

It’s expensive because you have to put each child on 4G proxies and they will do exactly the same actions as a hand account but it’s a good way not to automate your main account to avoid risking it and to build a strong authority around you or your brand.

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