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My Journey to Making $100/Day on Twitter

I’ve been earning a decent income on Instagram using different methods for close to 4 years now, but as the years go by, Instagram continues to make changes that have continuously made it difficult for small businesses on a budget to make a decent living working on their platform.

We’ve had to make changes as they do, and have almost always adapted well to the challenges but the recent follow/unfollow limits that were enforced sometime around June are just impossible to get around.

There once was a time when you could follow more than 1000 users/day on Instagram without encountering any issues.

Today, the limit for the entire month falls at under 6000 total, which means you can only follow around 180 users/day.

It can be very scary to watch your source of livelihood gradually dwindle with time.

So, for the past few weeks, I have been towing with the idea of shifting focus from Instagram to Twitter. Twitter is a lot more lenient than Instagram in terms of the number of actions you’re allowed to take within a certain timeframe.

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Unlike Instagram, they’ve even made it public that you can follow up to 400 users/day.

Twitter Journey to $100 Day make money on twitter

Why I’m I making my Twitter journey public?

First, I’d like to hold myself accountable. By having to update this post on a continuous basis I will have little room to procrastinate knowing there are people out there following along.

It is also a good reason to push myself to succeed. I’d hate to have the world witness what a colossal failure this journey turned out to be.

And lastly, I know there are people out there struggling to make a decent living. By documenting my journey, some will be able to borrow ideas from this and hopefully, I will have helped someone out.

This is the part I have to remind you to bookmark this post because I really need you to hold me accountable.

So, what tools do I need for this journey?

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Tools of trade

  • An automation tool for Twitter. I have Jarvee for this.
  • Twitter accounts. I’m starting slow with just a handful of accounts and will gradually add more
  • A proxy for each account. Proxies make accounts less suspicious by giving each a unique IP address
  • AD network. I picked the adult niche for this journey and will be promoting links from ADVerten. There are other equally good ad networks, like iMonetizeIt, but I will stick with Adverten unless I find it necessary to switch networks.

The strategy

It’s simple:

Drive traffic from multiple ‘female’ Twitter accounts to a SmartLink given to you by the ad network.

The basic concept is, depending on the country from which a Twitter user clicks on your SmartLink, they will be redirected to an adult website where should they register there, the ad network will add money to your account.

The amount paid to you per registration will depend on a number of factors among which, the country of residence the registered user lives matters.

For instance, you can expect to make more money when a user from either the US or a country from the European Union registers.

I will be having my Twitter accounts follow, like, and DM users automatically that are following Twitter accounts of adult female entertainers.

I will also target those liking and retweeting posts of these entertainers.

On the face of it, it might sound like a lot of work but since I will be using an automation tool, once the setup is complete, there will be nothing else to do but to watch the money roll in.

The initial setup shouldn’t actually take more than an hour.

I have created a Telegram group where you can discuss your own journey with everyone else and get notified of new updates from this post.

Watch out for the next update.

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Update 22/08/2019

twitter journey income

The amount in the screenshot shown as INCOME was not made on this journey. It’s what was left over when I did this with Instagram accounts that later got deleted.

What I’ve done so far:

  • Collected about 50 Twitter usernames of female adult entertainers. I’ve added these usernames as follow sources in Jarvee (I obviously need to add more usernames).
  • Created and profiled 2 Twitter accounts. They’re already set up on Jarvee and have started following slowly.
  • Ordered 10 Twitter accounts from a source that sells them. As soon as I receive them I’ll get them set up on Jarvee.

It’s now a waiting game.

I need to have about 20 Twitter accounts running on this tool before I can start optimizing for better conversions.

See you in the next update!

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Update 25/08/2019

The 10 Twitter accounts that I ordered took quite some time to arrive, so I wasn’t able to get things moving quickly enough.

Nonetheless, I received them yesterday and started warming them up by having them perform a few activities.

On the positive side, we’ve just had our first conversion (2 leads)!

Twitter journey 26.08.19

This week, my plan is to order and set up at least 30 more Twitter accounts.

Look out for the next update!

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Update 11/09/2019

I added 20 more accounts to my Jarvee campaigns and was playing around with Jarvee’s Twitter settings trying to optimize the activities of my Twitter accounts.

My settings turned out to be a little aggressive and I lost 6 accounts before I slowed them down a bit.

twitter journey adverten new

I also noticed that my conversions on Adverten weren’t exactly close to what I was aiming for, and so as soon as I hit the payment threshold I switched to iMonetizeIt.

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imonetizeit twitter journey

So while my conversions on iMonetizeIt aren’t perfect yet, I have to admit that I’m very pleased with the way things have begun taking shape.

The day is still young and expecting a few more conversions before the end of the day.

From now moving forward, the only thing I will be doing to scale up this campaign is to add more accounts and watch the money roll in.

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What I have done next

  • Upgraded my copy of Jarvee to accommodate 150 social media accounts
  • Placed an order for 70 Twitter accounts
  • Bought 50 proxies and added them to Jarvee while I wait to receive the accounts I ordered.

Look out for the next update.

Update 17/09/2019

twitter journey update 17

On the 12th of September, my automation tool had closed and it took almost 2 days before I discovered it and restarted it.

I’ve been a little busy with my other online ventures and haven’t been able to do much for this journey, but I’m pleased that the earnings are improving gradually.

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It’s about 10 AM here and we’re sitting at $4.76 so far.

Oops… I think I wrote too quickly. There’s been an update in the last 30 seconds. The balance hasn’t even updated

twitter journey update 17 2

I should be able to cross $20/day before the end of this week.

This is all on autopilot! So you can go about your day doing other things while your money here grows.

Look out for the next update!

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Update 18/09/2019

I was hopeful that yesterday would end better than the previous day but that didn’t happen.

Still, it didn’t end too bad and the earnings closed at $13.14. I haven’t touched my settings yet but I’m looking at what could be improved before Friday the 20th.

This far my automation on Jarvee is running well without a hitch.

Jarvee twitter journey make money

I’m glad that I shared this journey publicly because some people have reached out to me for help with their own journeys and in some of these discussions one guy who’s currently doing really well with this method mentioned the CPA network Crakrevenue.

Apparently, their offers convert way better than those on other networks.

I’ll continue to promote on iMonetizeIt until Friday and will switch over to Crakrevenue on Saturday.

It’s 9 AM here so we still have the rest of the day to look forward to but here are the results so far …

Twitter make money

Until next time!

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Update 21/10/2019

There hasn’t been much lately to write an update about. I decided to switch back to Adverten and did so for the whole of last week and it looks like there some notable improvements.

The plan now moving forward is to create my own Twitter accounts and add them to my automation system.

The quality of Twitter accounts I have been buying is really not that good. In most cases, you’ll find that the text used in the bio does not make sense and the accounts look utterly fake.

So, for this reason, I will be creating my own accounts.

Here’s how last week went on Adverten:

twitter journey adverten

Remember, this is all on autopilot and I did have to do anything, so, it’s clear that you can make money on Twitter with Jarvee.

If you’d like to create a similar system for yourself you can join our CPA Telegram group where you’re to ask questions and get answers.

Until next time!

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