20 Crucial FAQs about Instagram Automation on Jarvee

in Instagram on May 21, 2020by Noah Albert

I was going through one of the many marketing forums that I’m a member of and stumbled upon a thread that I found interesting.

You see, this is a forum made up of thousands of members who are using Jarvee to automate their Instagram, and as such, the issues they face are similar in nature. It helps to find solutions for most problems quickly when more people are working on it.

Anyone automating their Instagram on Jarvee or any other automation tool knows how difficult Instagram has made it for us to market or even simply gain a following on their platform.


We’re constantly trying to find workarounds for new hurdles that Instagram continues to put in our path to success. This is why exchanging ideas with fellow Instagram marketers is crucial if we’re going to keep this game going for long.

Hadi, a valuable member of the forum listed 23 most frequently asked questions on the forum and requested members to vote on the answers he offered.

You can read the whole thread on the forum but I’ll do a summary here. I believe there’s a lot to learn from the answers voted upon.

1. When you’re running accounts for your clients, do you allow them to log into their accounts on their phones?

client log into instagram jarvee

77% of those who responded said they do. Most people worry about their clients logging into Instagram while the same account is running on Jarvee. The client should be allowed to use the app as long as they’re not performing the same activities you already set Jarvee to do.

2. When you run your accounts on Jarvee, do you use the Embedded Browser, API, or both?

jarvee embedded browser or api

The majority (50%) of the people voted that they use the Embedded browser only. Personally I’ve been using the EB only because the API has been causing quite a few blocks for me.

3. What kind of proxies are most suited for running Instagram on Jarvee?

best proxy for jarvee instagram automation

As expected, mobile proxies are best suited here, although if you play with your settings right, you will be able to do so much even with other lesser quality proxies. For instance, with my own settings, I’m able to do up to 10000 story views per day, per account. I’ll probably write about it sometime soon.


For mobile proxies I personally prefer Airproxy.

4. When using the Embedded Browser, how many accounts do you follow per day?

how many follows per day jarvee

29% of the respondents say they follow between 101 – 150 accounts per day. I find this to be a fair figure because while some recommend doing up to 200 per day, doing less than 150 will get you fewer blocks.

My sweet spot seats at 90 – 120/day.

5. When using the API, how many accounts do you follow per day?

how many follows jarvee api

Fewer members voted here because most prefer using the embedded browser. Still, of those who use the API, the majority follow only less than 10 people per day, a clear indication that we should stay clear of using the API to follow on Jarvee.

6. Do you use slave accounts to scrape data or do you simply use the main account?

slave instagram accounts or not

I’ve paraphrased this question. Say for instance you’re running only one Instagram account on Jarvee. This may limit the number of activities you can perform because the same account will have to do all the searching before performing the activity you set it out to.

On the other hand, you can use ‘slave’ accounts to do all the searching and collection of data so that your main account will only perform activities such as following and liking without needing to do the searching on its own.


I strongly recommend having a few ‘slave’ accounts running on your Jarvee. See here how to set up your slave accounts on Jarvee.

7. How do you run your slave accounts on Jarvee?

slave instagram accounts eb or api

The question here refers to whether you use the Embedded browser, the API, or both. Turns out most people run their slave Instagram accounts using the API only! I think most people use the API only because it’s way faster than if they did it using the Embedded browser.

8. What proxies do you run your slave Instagram accounts on?

proxies for slave instagram jarvee

You don’t need expensive mobile proxies to run your slave accounts on because they’re meant to do nothing else other than collect data. Here, most people voted that they use Datacenter proxies to run their slave accounts.

9. How many slave Instagram accounts do you allocate to the main account?

slave acc to main acc

It’s important to remember that the more slave accounts you use, the less likely they’re going to experience blocks because Jarvee will distribute their activities evenly among them.

It is still fine to pair up 1 slave account to 1 main account.

10. How long do your slave accounts last before they start experiencing blocks?

how long slave instagram accounts last

It was quite encouraging to see a good number of people automating their Instagram on Jarvee do not experience their slave accounts getting blocks.

11. Should you rotate proxies for your slave accounts?

rotate proxy for slave accs

This didn’t seem necessary for most people.

12. Should you rotate proxies for the main account?

rotate proxy for main accs

Half of the respondents thought they should be rotated while the other half thought it wasn’t necessary.

13. How many Instagram accounts should you run on one Datacenter proxy?

datacenter proxies how many accs

The consensus here was that you should run only one account per proxy.

14. How many Instagram accounts should you run on one residential proxy?

residential proxies how many accs

Here too, most people agreed that you shouldn’t run more than one Instagram account.

15. How many Instagram accounts should you run on one mobile (4G) proxy?

mobile proxy per ig account

4G proxies are definitely the best for running your Instagram on Jarvee. The only downside to it is that they can be pretty expensive to purchase.

Still, you can run more than 5 accounts on it. Personally I wouldn’t go beyond 5 accounts per mobile proxy.

16. How much do you pay for your mobile proxies (4G)?

cost of mobile proxies for jarvee instagram

Good mobile proxies are pretty expensive and it’s no wonder that most will cost above $50. I’d consider the other 2 questions about price regarding residential and datacenter proxies as rather very useful so I’ll skip those. There are plenty of good sources and I personally get mine from Highproxies. Jarvee recommends them too.

17. Do you scrape followers using Jarvee or any other tool and do the actual following manually on your phone?

follow manually jarvee

Some people prefer to follow manually. You can use Jarvee to scrape followers and place their usernames on a digital document where you can now manually start following each of them.

Personally I prefer automating everything but if you’re interested in doing it manually, you can either use Jarvee or this other super-efficient tool (although you’ll need to activate google translate on your browser). When I want to scrape users quicker I also use this tool and then I’ll send the list to Jarvee.

It’s able to scrape 10000 users in a matter of seconds!

18. How do you acquire clients for your growth management service?

If you’re running an Instagram growth service you obviously need to figure out where and how to get new clients. Most people who responded to this question said they get their clients through their website. I assume they mean through search engine optimization.

clients for jarvee services

The next big group said most of their clients come from referrals from their current customers. When you run a service that pleases your clientele, you’re obviously likely to get a lot of referrals.

19. How much should you charge for a fully automated Instagram growth service?

price for ig growth service jarvee

This is definitely not an easy question because factors that determine the pricing are too varied. Nonetheless, a few people responded and as you can see, many of those charge between $71-$90.

20. How many clients do you have?

jarvee how many clients

It was interesting to see that some members have up to 1500 clients. It might seem like a lot of work but once you properly set up a client’s Instagram account on Jarvee, maintenance work becomes very minimal. I think a 6 man team would manage 1500 clients’ accounts with reasonable ease.


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