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Instagram unfollow limit for 2021 [May]

Is there an unfollow limit on Instagram?

There once was a time when you could unfollow everyone on Instagram without consequence. This ability to unfollow was then abused by users on Instagram so that Instagram decided to place limits on how many you can unfollow per day on the platform.

Why does Instagram have an unfollow limit?

These gradual limits have been getting stiffer over the years as Instagram is pushing users to spend on ads. The following as well as other actions, have also been affected and thus it’s become harder to grow a following on Instagram using the follow-unfollow method.

As someone who’s been growing hundreds of Instagram accounts using the follow/unfollow method, I’ve noticed that spammy accounts tend to have lower unfollow limits than those accounts whose actions on the platform appear more natural.

This is the reason why I’ve always encouraged my readers to always start slow. If you unfollow too many people on the first day, your account is likely to start experiencing action blocks that could affect all other functions including following, liking, and sending DMs.

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Instagram unfollow limit per day 2021

So, how many people can you unfollow on Instagram per day?

My current experiments are showing that if you’re planning to unfollow on Instagram every day for 30 days, it is safe to unfollow up to 180. This means you’ll be able to unfollow around 5400 users every month.

But I like to play it safer, so, as of now, I’m unfollowing 150 per day.

When I’m unfollowing manually (Instagram app), this is how my arrangement looks:

  1. 50 unfollows/day the 1st week
  2. 100 unfollows/day the 2nd week
  3. 150 unfollows/day the 3rd week

When using automation:

  1. 15 unfollows day 1
  2. 20 unfollows day 2
  3. 25 unfollows day 3
  4. 30 unfollows day 4
  5. 35 unfollows day 5
  6. 40 unfollows day 6
  7. 45 unfollows day 7

… and so on until I reach 150 unfollows/day. It takes me about 4 weeks to reach the maximum number of users I can follow per day with this system.

Let’s break it further down and see how many we can unfollow per hour.

Instagram unfollow limit per hour

I like to spread my unfollows through 12hrs. So, in this case, the maximum number of unfollows per hour is 13. Let’s see how that plays with my gradual system.

When unfollowing manually (Instagram app):

  1. 5 unfollows/hr the 1st week
  2. 8 unfollows/hr the 2nd week
  3. 13 unfollows/hr the 3rd week

When unfollowing using automation:

  1. 1 unfollows/hr day 1
  2. 2 unfollows/hr day 2
  3. 2-3 unfollows/hr day 3
  4. 3 unfollows/hr day 4
  5. 3-4 unfollows/hr day 5
  6. 4 unfollows/hr day 6
  7. 4-5 unfollows/hr day 7

… and so forth until I reach a maximum of 13 unfollows per hour

If you follow these settings you should be safe from unfollowing blocks. But what happens when you’re already caught in it?

How long does unfollow block last on Instagram?

So, just in case you’ve been blocked from unfollowing on Instagram, you should wait about 24-72hrs before attempting to unfollow again. However, in certain cases, you may have to wait a whole week before you can start unfollowing once again,

When you experience a follow block, I recommend that always start from the beginning (as described above).


It appears Instagram is continuously reducing the actions you can perform on the platform. In the last couple of weeks, we’ve seen lots of cases where people got the action block prompts after unfollowing more than 100 users per day.

At this point, we can only recommend keeping your unfollow actions below 100 per day.

We’ll update this post in the near future as we continue testing the limits.

If you have any further questions, please leave a comment in the comments section below, and I’ll be happy to respond on time.

Until next time!

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