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Instagram Shadowban Fix- Solved 2022

Instagram is a social media platform that has been growing rapidly in popularity.

It was recently reported to have surpassed Facebook as the most popular social media platform, with over 800 million active monthly users.

One of the benefits of Instagram is its ability to connect with people and share moments from around the world in seconds.

However, it can also be an easy way for businesses to set up shop and start marketing their own products or services on Instagram.

This blog post will discuss what you need to do if you suspect that your Instagram account might be shadowbanned, why this happens, and how to conduct an Instagram Shadowban Fix.

What Is an Instagram Shadowban?

Have you seen a decrease in your engagement on Instagram?

Does it seem like not many people are liking or commenting anymore and that some of them have even unfollowed you recently?

This might be because Instagram has shadowbanned you!

The social media company is restricting visibility so there’s no way for anyone to view your content.

But don’t worry, this article can help get rid of these pesky bans for good.

An Instagram shadowban is like a secret ban.

Even if your content gets suppressed, you will not be notified of this and it’s much the same as when Google makes major algorithm changes– but people never know about them because they’re hidden from sight.

Why Do Instagram Shadowban Accounts?

Simply put, a violation of Instagram’s terms of use results in the shadowban.

In other words, Instagram aims to limit exposure by filtering out accounts that fail to comply with its standards and Terms of Use.

From their perspective, such an approach makes sense since it allows IG to ensure quality control without angering users or diluting content on the platform.

Using automated bots for higher follow and like counts can result in a ShadowBan.

A punishment so severe some people might even say you deserve this fate if you violate certain guidelines as determined by your favorite social media app?

How to Check If You’ve Been Shadowbanned on Instagram

There are many misconceptions about Instagram’s shadowban, the main one being that a decrease in engagement must be due to a shadowban.

While fewer likes and comments could be an unfortunate by-product of such a ban, recent Instagram algorithm changes have resulted in decreased engagements for accounts across the board.

A drop in likes doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve been banned.

But if you’re currently trying to grow your audience or promote your content on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, it might not hurt to take some precautions against this frustrating situation just in case.

Do you think you might have been slapped with an Instagram shadowban? How do you find out for sure?

Look at your recent engagement. If there’s a significant decrease, it could be the result of one or more factors.

But if that decrease is due to something like algorithm changes or using hashtags too much, then this isn’t always going to show up in numbers alone.

But fret not! There are ways to tell for sure whether the problem lies within what sort of content they’re posting and how often they post on their account:

Method 1- Check Your Hashtags

Check Your Hashtags

One of the most common reasons for getting shadowbanned is using a banned hashtag.

Instagram has doubled down on its efforts to make the app a safe space for all as result, they have flagged many hashtags that encourage accounts to post inappropriate content which violates community guidelines.

To ensure your account isn’t associated with any broken or banned hashtags, check out the search results pages from all of those used in your last 10-15 posts.

If you see an alert stating “posts using this hashtag are hidden for safety reasons” then it’s considered broken or banned!

Method 2- Use an Instagram Shadowban Test Tool

Following the rise of shadowbans in recent years, some companies now claim to be able to test if your account has been shadowbanned. The legitimacy of these tools is not recognized by Instagram itself but could prove helpful.


Triberr is a tool that many users have utilized over time so they can check the status of their account and determine if they’ve been blocked or banned from posting on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter because someone reported them as spammy or abusive online.

You simply need access through their desktop computer to use this tool and fund out if you’ve been shadowbanned.

Method 3- Use of Instagram Analytics

Instagram’s analytics is one way to look for a shadowban.

To see if your engagement rate is suddenly declining, look at the number of profile visits, impressions, and other metrics.

This will show you what has changed recently in order to find out why it may have happened.

Use of Instagram Analytics

Look through the images – as well as their captions- that were posted around when any declines occurred.

Patterns often emerge indicating which hashtags or third-party posting tools could be causing these drops related back by location tags too!

Method 4: Use a Followers Account

If you need to know 100% if your account is shadowbanned? You’ll want to see how the content shows up from a non-followers perspective.

To do so, ask one of your followers to either unfollow or create a new account.
Next, make a post using the same hashtags and then log into their newly created Instagram profile and go onto any hashtag page used with that updated photo.

If it doesn’t appear under recent posts, wait five minutes before checking again (you should try this method on at least 3-5 accounts).

If your post fails to appear, it means you’ve been shadowbanned.

Instagram Shadowban Fix

Getting shadowbanned from Instagram can be a kick in the teeth.

But don’t lose hope!

There are some steps you can take to get back into their good graces and conduct an Instagram Shadowban Fix

We promise it’s not as complicated or weird as you might think.

Remove Broken Hashtags

Review the hashtags you use on your posts so that you can make sure they are all appropriate.

If not, remove them and don’t go back to using those words in future content.

Did you know some of your hashtag choices may be broken or even banned?

You should review what is allowed for usage before continuing with any post!

Take a Break from Instagram

Take a Break from Instagram

Instagram only allows up to 500 actions a day.

Actions including following, unfollowing, and liking posts are limited to this amount in order for the algorithm not to flag your high-volume activity as suspected spam.

There is also another limit for more specific actions such as:
You can follow up to 13 new accounts every hour or 150 per day.
You may like 400 posts from the account you’re already following each day.

You may leave 5 comments an hour but no more than 30 throughout that whole 24 hours any day.

All of these limits are meant to stop spambots and automated Instagram activity.

So if you suspect you’ve been hitting the like button a little too frequently, take a 48-hour break and come back!

It goes without saying that this is just one strategy for removing your account from an Instagram shadowban.

So try it out before going all-in on any other strategies.

Report the Issue to Instagram 

If you haven’t been shadowbanned and want to stop the issue, reach out to Instagram.
Here are some quick steps on how:
1) Open your Instagram account.

2) Navigate to your profile image icon at the bottom-right corner of your screen.

Report the Issue to Instagram 1

3) Tap that icon for ‘Settings’

Report the Issue to Instagram 2

4) Scroll all the way down, then tap Help 

Report the Issue to Instagram 3

5) Choose the “Report a problem” option

Report the Issue to Instagram 4

6) Type an explanation about what’s your issue is.

Report the Issue to Instagram 5

7) Press “submit”

9} If it takes too long for them to reply back in time don’t be afraid but send more messages

How to Avoid an Instagram Shadowban

Instagram’s shadowban can be a real pain.

It is an automatic action that Instagram takes to restrict the visibility of your posts in order to punish you for spamming their site with unsolicited content or other violations of their terms and conditions.

But don’t worry! You might not have been aware, but there are steps you can take as well-established social media influencers who want to stay relevant on the platform so they do not get banned from posting altogether by this pesky algorithm:

Stop Using Banned or Broken Hashtags 

You might be wondering how you can avoid the shadowban.
When a hashtag is banned, it means Instagram has deemed that word or phrase to have violated community standards.

So if you use one of those hashtags on your post and happen to get caught by IG’s eagle eyes (which are always watching), then good luck avoiding getting busted for being shady!

If they find out about your posts using naughty language like an S-O-B, expect them to throw some shade at you in return with their own ban hammer.

Avoid Too Much Activity on Your Instagram Account

Avoid Too Much Activity on Your Instagram Account

In other words, make sure that your engagement and growth are organic.

Try not to like tens of hundreds of pictures in only a few minutes or hours.

Don’t spam comments on other accounts with nonsensical content.

Avoid squeezing hundred new followers at once by using automated software programs (one-time subscribers will get you banned).

Additionally, never post 100 comments within an hour because Instagram algorithms look for suspicious activity.

If they see sudden surges in use then it’s almost certain you’ll be shadowbanned!

Avoid Actions That May Lead Other Users to Report You

When you show up on the radar of other users and they report your account, it is inevitable that a shadowban will follow.

However, don’t sweat too much because only if many others are reporting you may one be placed – but make sure to not break any rules systematically!

Switch to a Personal Account

Some experts believe that Facebook is limiting the reach of business accounts to encourage them to buy ads.

While this theory hasn’t been confirmed, some users have found that by switching from a professional account on Instagram (which can’t run advertisements) and converting it into a personal one they could avoid being shadowbanned.


We hope this blog post has helped you know how to conduct an Instagram Shadowban Fix.

If you’ve found that your account was unfairly banned, we recommend removing all broken hashtags from your feed or posts.

You can also report the issue to Instagram so they know there may be an error occurring with their algorithm – which could lead them to repair it for other users in future updates!