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How to Avoid Breaking Instagram’s Limits in 2021

In this post, we’re going to talk about the limits of following on Instagram.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s when a person is trying to follow too many people in a short period of time and they get their account blocked or shut down.

There are rules that limit how quickly you can follow new accounts, so if you want to avoid breaking these rules, then make sure that you read this article!

Instagram Follow Limits for 2021

There are different strategies for growing a following on Instagram. Some people prefer not to use the follow/unfollow strategy and would rather go the organic way by posting great content and using effective hashtag strategies.

Personally, I’ve stuck with the follow/unfollow and probably will for the foreseeable future, just because it still works.

Compared to previous years, the limits for following and unfollowing have reduced so much that we aren’t able to grow our Instagram pages as fast as we would like.

Because I still prefer the follow unfollow strategy, I’ve found limits that work for me whether I’m doing it manually or using automation.

I’m going to share with you the Instagram limits I play within but I’d also like to caution that these may also be affected by other factors.

If you’re going to use the limits I’m about to suggest to you it is important that you do everything I’ll recommend in order to avoid getting action blocks. Let’s get started.

How many people can you follow on Instagram per day?

So, how many people can you follow on Instagram per day without going against their community guidelines?

There are two approaches to how many people you can follow per day. I find that I’m able to follow more people when I do it manually as opposed to when I use automation.

Before I go into details, it is important to always warm your account up when you’re starting.

In my case for instance, when I’m starting to grow a new Instagram account I will follow between 10 – 15 users the first week and then increase that number by 15-20 every other week until I reach the daily limits.

I’ll illustrate that for you:

  • Week1: follow 10-15 users per day
  • Week2: follow 25-35 users per day
  • Week3: follow 40-55 users per day
  • Week4: follow 55-75 users per day … and so forth

This is how I warm up my Instagram whether I’m following manually or when using an automation tool.

These numbers also apply to my daily unfollow limits when I’m warming up the account.

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How many people can you manually follow on Instagram per day?

As I mentioned earlier, manually following on Instagram allows me to follow slightly more people per day.

My daily limits are not significantly different because I like to avoid follow blocks at all costs but I know of other people who do more than myself.

I have my total for the whole month set at 3500 follows and 3500 unfollows. I have two ways of going about the daily limits:

  1. follow 100-120 users per day, unfollow 100-120 users per day …or
  2. follow 220-250 users per day for 15 days, unfollow 220-250 users per day for 15 days

I don’t usually ‘like’ after following because they’ve led to action blocks, in my experience. Maybe once in a while, I’ll like a post that appeals to me but I don’t do it regularly.

How many people can you follow on Instagram per day using automation?

When it comes to automation, there are a few things to take into consideration when you’re planning to use the follow/unfollow method to grow your Instagram following.

Firstly, you need a tool that emulates a mobile device so that it won’t get flagged by Instagram. My tool of choice is Jarvee because apart from emulating an Android device, it comes with so many functions.

There’s so much more I can do with this tool that I wouldn’t be able to do on the app.

Also, Jarvee is not limited to Instagram alone, in fact, you can use it to automate Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Quora, and TikTok.

Secondly, if you’re planning to automate more than 5 accounts at once, you’re going to need good social media proxies. 1 mobile proxy will easily handle 3-5 different Instagram accounts.

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Jarvee also allows you to use ‘slave’ Instagram accounts. These are accounts that you create for no other purpose but to use for scrapping all the data needed for use by your main account.

For instance, if you want to follow users of @entrepreneur, Jarvee will use the slave accounts to scroll through @entrepreneur’s list of followers and collect the usernames of their followers according to the filters you set.

These will then be sent to your main account(s) so that they can follow them.

This is useful because it helps to lift most of the weight from your main accounts and therefore reduces follow blocks.

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So, how many people can you follow per day on Instagram using automation?

Here too, I use two options:

  1. follow 80-100 users per day, unfollow 80-100 users per day … or
  2. follow 175-200 users per day for 15 days and then unfollow 175-200 users per day for 15 days

This allows me to follow a maximum of 3000 per month and unfollow a maximum of 3000 per month.

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Instagram follow limit per hour

So, how many people can you follow per hour on Instagram? I’ve broken down my daily follow limits and spread them out in 12 hours. I do this so that my actions will appear more natural.

It also allows my Instagram accounts to rest for 12 hours before resuming actions the next day.

My rule of thumb is to never follow more than 10 per hour, so going by my daily follow limits of 80-100, I have my automation tool follow 6-9 users per hour.

The same applies to my unfollow settings.

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I have also scheduled posts on Jarvee. The posting schedule defers from one account to the next but the average lies between 3-7 posts per week. This is something that you only need to do once a month.

You can try this by yourself by getting the 5-day free trial of Jarvee just to see how well it works. They won’t ask for your payment information and so you only need your email to get started.

Once you’ve registered they’ll send you a log-in password to your email and a link to download Jarvee.

Since you’re probably going to try it with less than 5 Instagram accounts, you’re not going to need proxies (unless you intend to Install Jarvee on a VPS so that it can run 24/7 even when your PC is shut down).

How many posts can you like on Instagram per day?

You can now safely manually like up to 150 posts per day. I use the ‘after follow’ options on Jarvee to like a follower’s post after following them. It helps more to capture their attention and increase the follow-back rates.

after follow actions

How many comments can you make a day on Instagram?

Instagram is a lot stricter on commenting especially if you’re commenting on people’s posts that you have no connection with.

I usually start off slow (about 3-5 comments per day) and gradually increase it up to a maximum of 30 comments per day.

Interestingly, verified Instagram accounts are usually able to beat these limits.

Instagram comment limit

The key to commenting on Instagram is to have as many accounts as possible running on your tool.

You can also avoid using your main Instagram account to comment by using the Mother-Child method describes below.

Instagram DM limit per Day

The daily limit to the number of Direct Messages (DMs) you can send on Instagram to users who are not following you is 30 DMs.

Repeatedly exceeding this number can lead to your account getting permanently disabled by Instagram.

The follow/unfollow mother-child growth method

Some people prefer not to use the follow/unfollow strategy on their main Instagram accounts. This is where the mother-child growth method comes in.

This is a method that can get you even greater results than most others.

I’ll explain how it works in a moment.

Have you ever been approached by an Instagram growth agency guaranteeing impressive results and they don’t even require your Instagram password when you decide to sign up for their services?

This is because they use the mother-child method to grow their clients’ Instagram following.

You too can create your own mother-child system and grow your account faster just like they do?

What’s the mother-child Instagram growth method?

This is a method where you automate a large number of Instagram accounts to bring attention to your main account.

The mother is your main account while accounts used to bring attention to the main being the child accounts.

In this case, you won’t need to automate your main account.

How does it work?

The 1st thing you’ll do is to add the main account in the bio of the child accounts. It’s recommended not to add on all of them at once in order to avoid arousing suspicion.

You can leave an hour between adding them and maybe do half the first day and then the other half the next day.

Once all the child accounts have been added to your automation tool (in my case, Jarvee), you want to use the repost tool to auto-post on each child account.

Make sure to put different sources so that they don’t all end up posting the same content.

The repost tool allows you to use syntax to alter the caption of the posts to be reposted so that they all say different things. You’ll also have them tag the main account in the caption.

A good practice is, say for instance you’re posting 3 times per day on each child account, you can set Jarvee to tag the main account only once or twice.

You can also tag in the reposts other main accounts in the same niche that you’re growing.

Again, Jarvee allows you to use hashtags in the posts you’re reposting. When you do proper hashtag research using a tool like MetaHashtags, your posts can easily reach thousands of people and help you grow your main account even faster.

Collect as many hashtags as you need and Jarvee will pick different ones to use in the reposts.

Another thing you want to do is to set up auto-DM for new followers. What happens here is, for example, the DM tool in Jarvee will send two messages to every new user that follows a child account saying something like:

  • Message1: hey, thanks for the follow mate
  • Message2: make sure to check out @mainaccount, they have hands down the best workout tips on Instagram. You won’t regret following them!

Set all your child account to follow and unfollow using the daily follow limits that we’ve discussed above. You only need to do the setup once and leave your main accounts to grow on auto-pilot.

This is something that you can set up for yourself. You can also start a one-man agency and offer growth services to prospective clients.

2021 Follow Limits Update

The current Instagram limits working for us with our accounts running on Jarvee are showing the limits as follows:

  • Follow limit – 200 per day (however, I would recommend keeping it at 150 – 180/day
  • Unfollow limit – 200 per day (also same as above)
  • Like limit – 150 per day
  • Comment limit – 30 per day

We also recommend using burner/scraper accounts to scrape data that your main account(s) accounts will use in order to reduce hitting blocks.

May Update of The Following Limits

We’re now recommending to follow less than 100 per day because in the last few weeks we’ve been seeing many people getting their Instagram accounts blocked for doing more than 100 follows per day.

We’re still testing the limits and we’ll update this article once we’re certain about the latest changes.

If you have any questions you can leave a comment in the comments section below.

Until next time!

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