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Why Does Instagram Block Me from Following More People?

Why Does Instagram Block Me from Following More People?

There are plenty of reasons for Instagram to stop you from following more people, but those reasons can vary depending on the situation.

Usually, it’s because people are aggressively following others in order to boost their own popularity and get noticed.

Other times, however, it’s because there are follow-bots or someone following a lot of people but not engaging with their content.

Each situation is different and will require a unique solution, so let’s take a look at why Instagram blocked you from following more people.

How to fix it, and what to do if you’re still having trouble after following the steps we outline.

What Does Action Block Mean on Instagram?

When you try to follow more people on Instagram and receive an error saying that you’ve hit your daily limit or are blocked from following more accounts.

it typically means that Instagram has placed a block on your account.

Instagram blocks users engaging in spam activities for a specific period of time and shows them the “Action Blocked” error message.

action block instagram

If you see this, it means that your account has violated their system.

You will be blocked from liking or commenting on posts people have put up as well as any other basic tasks like following new accounts etcetera.

Instagram automatically spots violators without giving an explanation to what action triggered such behavior on their part while blocking someone innocuous at times too!

The worst thing about all these is not knowing why one’s been banned by Instagram.

There are no warnings given beforehand nor explanations provided post-banning.

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Types of Instagram Blocks

1.Temporary Action Block

If you’re up to no good, then it’s only a matter of time before the block is enacted.

The temporary Instagram ban will last for 24 hours and may happen after breaking some terms-of-service rules.

Once you’ve been temporarily blocked you will not be able to login into your Instagram account for the duration of the block.

temporary block

2.Instagram Action Block with an Expiration Date

Much like a temporary action block, however, Instagram will let you know what the expiration date is on any blocks that they place.

Typically these start at 24 hours and then increase as your violations grow more serious.

But have seen some accounts get 30-day bans from performing actions on Instagram for now violation of their terms of service agreement.

3.Instagram Action Block Without an Expiration Date

On this type of Instagram block, the duration of the block varies from several hours up to two weeks and doesn’t usually have the “Tell us” button. If your account got banned for no reason, don’t worry – just request a manual review by going into Settings -> Help-> Report A Problem.

4.Permanent Action Block

This is a tough one.

You know, Instagram will either lock you out of your account or prevent you from performing certain actions for an indefinite period of time.

This typically occurs after breaking many rules and receiving multiple temporary blocks as well!

How long does Instagram block me from following more people?

How long does Instagram block me from following more people

There is no complete answer to these questions and Instagram has no answers.

However, we’ve seen temporary closure in the area span a few minutes to weeks.

The best thing you can do is not reset the block timeclock by attempting this action repeatedly every other minute.

The block takes longer for a relatively new account if you followed an older account.

If you’re trying to follow people from Instagram on your smartphone don’t try it with a computer.

The app seems to stick to Instagram’s maximum of 160 per day followers.

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12 Reasons Why Instagram Blocks You

Action blocks are often caused by exceeding the number of actions allowed in a given time frame – be it per hour or day.

Once you exceed your daily/hourly limit, Instagram will block any further action that is taken on their platform and this can range from posting photos to even following accounts.

The limits set for blocking vary depending on many factors such as whether one has had previous violations with other platforms.

If they have been using automation tools like bots or third-party apps which may lead them to violate terms of service at Instagram (like being spammy), activity levels, age etcetera.

Knowing why these things could cause an action block will help ensure future compliance and thus remove the need for having to contact support about an ultimate block.

The more specific reasons for action blocks are:

1.You Have Exceeded the Instagrams’ Daily/Hourly Action Limits

Instagram has a daily limit on the number of actions that can be performed by each user in an hour or a day.

In June 2019, Instagram reduced these limits by about half so now even those users who perform all their actions manually are at risk of getting blocked if they exceed them.

These restrictions touch upon likes, comments, following, and unfollowing people/accounts as well as data loading.

The exact amount is not yet revealed to us but may differ depending on which account you’re using (e.g., old accounts will likely have more restrictions).

You were seen posting spammy content or using automation tools that are in direct violation of the Instagram terms.

The posts can be either your personal ones or the ones that are posted as part of your brand marketing strategy.

2.Automation Misuse 

For best results in your automation projects combine various types of activities.

Do not repeat the same tasks or perform similar tasks in the same time window.

If you use any tool for Instagram and use it only for say liking it then your strategy should be changed immediately.

Essentially acting as a human within your tool.

You may comment manually using the native Instagram app to a specific app or do auto-follow automatically for a certain time before unfollowing.

Use automation carefully and do not forget to like posts in the feed because people are used to doing the same on Instagram.

This way you can avoid detection by the Instagram algorithm and avoid getting action blocks.

The most important rule of all is to know the rules and stay within them!

3.Copyright Infringement

Instagram Copyright Infringement

All photos or vids posted to my account must be yours or authorized by the owner of the account.

The owner can report you when you have used a specific content without their permission, or give credit.

A person’s account can be blocked for infractions to the policy.

When you are looking to use the Content for commercial purposes you need permission.

Also if you post video content with music with which you had never been authorized to use, Instagram will delete the same type of post including videos

For committing Copyright Violations you are punishable by removing Instagram content and suspending it.

4.Spam Direct Messages and Comments

Instagram can block a user on Instagram if he sends unwanted messages to other users.

If you try to promote your Instagram account by spamming under other people’s posts and in their DMs, the system will punish you for this.

No one likes spammers, and Instagram is not an exception.

If Instagram hasn’t detected such activity yet, be sure other users are more than happy to do so if they see any hint of spam-like behavior from your page or group name.

You should stop ASAP before being blocked entirely.

Why Does Instagram Block Me from Following More People? 1

5.Your Account Is Too young

Your account age determines how many actions you can take on Instagram.

The younger your account, the fewer actions it is able to do in one day!

If your account is only 1-3 months old and already has a high number of posts or comments per day, then it will look spammy and put you at the risk of an action ban.

You’re trying to grow too quickly.

If you want your Instagram account to be strong and successful, it has to go step by step.

This means that at first, you will have to take it slowly and not overload your account.

You can’t do too much at once because that would look spammy and annoying for other users to see your posts on their feeds.

6.Using Different IP Addresses And/Or devices

Instagram can tell when your activity on the platform is suspicious, even if you think that it’s a good way to have an account.

If they notice multiple IP addresses from different countries and continents being used in one session or over time, then Instagram will take action like suspending the account without warning because of fraud suspicion.

Instagram thinks your account has been hacked when you sign in from a different IP address, and it tries to protect the profile.

Two-factor authentication is an easy way to confirm that this really is your account by sending out an email or SMS code

So only someone with access to both of those things can get into the account without being detected as anything but yourself.

If logging onto Instagram through a new device at first glance looks like somebody else might be doing it on purpose (or worse yet – hacking), then don’t worry!

It could just mean they simply log in using their phone while not home instead of signing up for two-factor identification.

7.Frequent and Excessive Posts

The Instagram Explore Page Algorithm is very important for your account.

It monitors the number of posts a user generates from their profile and deems it safe or unsafe depending on safety thresholds set by systems.

For this reason, you should be careful not to post too much content in one day because if other users are posting frequently without getting punished then there’s no need for those who follow them to do so as well!

Every profile should take pauses between posts.

In doing this you won’t likely have been found responsible for spamming or other manipulations.

Only Instagram understands the actual and safest numbers of publications.

You are not allowed to use the same picture from multiple accounts at the same time.

You have probably already violated rules and now it’s time to pay the price.

If you make too many mistakes or try to play with the system too much you will be suspended, especially if this is your second or third violation.

However, you will need to make sure not to post the same exact content and descriptions on various accounts simultaneously.

8.You Have Already Violated Instagram Rules

Previous violations such as blocks or reports sent by other users can cause action blocks, shadowban, etc.

The number of allowed daily actions diminishes once you break Instagram guidelines and post prohibited content on the app like sexual content, hate speech, fake news.

Moreover, if you’ve violated the guidelines from one account it may influence your other profiles run with the same IP address so it’s vital to use different IPs while using several Instagr am accounts.

A lot of people could see your Instagram posts on their feeds and may report you as spam for posting content that is irrelevant or just annoying.

Make sure the content you post is relevant to your audience and that it doesn’t look like spam if other users see enough of it.

9.You Spam Comments or Direct Messages

If you try to promote your Instagram page via spamming under other people’s posts and in their DM, Instagram will punish you for it.

It’s easy for Instagram to detect such activity and result in an action ban.

If the Instagram systems cannot detect you others may give it a hint by reporting your page for spam-like activities.

Are you promoting your page, but are not quite sure how to do it in a way that will be effective without getting yourself into trouble?

Be careful with what you’re posting and who you post it to.

10.Posting Inappropriate Images or Videos

Instagram has a strict policy about inappropriate content and will punish you if they find any posts containing explicit or violent material.

If your account is flagged as violating this guideline, it can get an action block for 24 hours to 60 days depending on the severity of the violation.

Instagram doesn’t like it when you try to force interaction on other users and violate the terms of service.

violate the terms of service.

11.User Complaints

Some people complain of a wide variety of causes: mass liking of social media content, mass follows on a specific social media post, insulting or improper content, etc.

So basically whatever is cited can result in your account being blocked. If others report your Instagram page it may later block your profile.

12. Put Hashtags in the Caption Instead of Comments

Some users reported that putting hashtags in the comment section earned them an action block after about an hour of posting their comments.

More reason why it’s advisable to put those on your post caption, which should be less bulky than a full-length paragraph or bullet points for spacing reasons and easier reading!

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How do I fix a block on Instagram?

How do I fix a block on Instagram

The Instagram block won’t stay on Instagram forever, it can be fixed. If you do any automation, then immediately cease this activity. List many ways to unblock Action Blocked Messages on Instagram – Let’s look more detailed.

Uninstall and Reinstall the Instagram app

You can clear out your Instagram cookies by deleting the app and then re-installing it.

This will wipe away all unwanted data, including those that may be associated with a temporary block on some of your actions.

Uninstalling and reinstalling takes some patience, so you might want to set aside an hour or two.

Report a problem to Instagram

If you feel as if your account has been blocked for no apparent reason, do not panic.

There are steps to take in order to unblock it.

To report the issue with Instagram’s support team, open up the app on your phone and go into settings where there will be an option called Report located near the top right of a profile page or at least close by.

Clicking this button should initiate contact with their customer service who can help get everything sorted out!

Make sure that before initiating any action like reporting something against another user’s actions, make sure that they have violated one of Instagram’s guidelines.

So nothing unwarranted happens after filing such complaints just because someone might disagree about what content is appropriate for viewing.

Just wait patiently for your Instagram account to be unblocked again.

Link Your Facebook and Instagram Accounts Together

Link Your Facebook and Instagram Accounts Together

It is very easy to link Instagram and Facebook.

Go through settings and look for the option to link other social accounts to the App.

This creates trust among you the System creates a high chance for you to be unblocked in 24-hours.

Connecting your Instagram account to Facebook is easy as pie.

All you need to do is go into the app settings and then click on “link other social accounts” and it will show a list of all the different networks that can be connected with their passwords, emails, etc.

Delete Hashtags From Your Recent Posts

Delete Hashtags From Your Recent Posts

Instagram moderators are pretty strict and will ban or block a hashtag if it seems inappropriate.

This includes hashtags with images that Instagram has deemed too racy, abusive, spammy, etc.

Even innocent photos can be blocked by the app when spammed to death with pictures that are not safe for work!

The trick is just as simple-remove such hashtags from your recent posts before posting new content on Instagram again

This way you’ll avoid any unwanted blocks easily and save yourself some time in the process.

Delete Third-party Apps

There are many third-party apps that you may have downloaded on your phone.

If one of those apps is using the Instagram API, then it’s important to remember:

if they’re not following rules set by Instagram, then this account may cause you an Instagram action ban.

It’s best to uninstall these apps as soon as possible and always use official ones instead!

Take a 2-day Break from Instagram

Take a 2-day Break from Instagram

If you find yourself blocked on Instagram, don’t panic.

You just have to take a break and wait for the system to reset itself after 48 hours of doing nothing-which means no liking posts, commenting, or following people back!

Once your account is unblocked again, make sure to stick to the app rules and don’t engage in any suspicious activity again.

Use a Different Device and Switch to Mobile Data

Instagram can block your account for different reasons.

They might decide to do it if they find out that you are using a proxy server or an IP address that is not registered in the same country as yours.

If this happens, then your best bet is to change devices and disconnect from WiFi before resuming with personal data because these things could be what’s causing the issue.

Just try switching to mobile data for a while and see if it fixes the problem.

Change Your Login Password

If none of the above methods work, you’ve yet to try this.

A password reset is a simple solution to some of the wackiest problems our subscribers have had with Instagram Action Block.

Some have been able to solve their problem by changing their passwords after having tried all other troubleshooting solutions unsuccessfully.

How to avoid being blocked on Instagram?

Now that you have learned how to fix Instagram’s action blocks, let’s talk about ways of avoiding them in the first place:

1.Start Slowly with a New Account

After you create a new Instagram account, it is important to avoid liking or commenting on people’s posts.

This can be done by bot accounts and will automatically unfollow any user that they have liked in the last 24 hours.

In order for your presence not to seem suspicious, post at least 10 photos before interacting with others’ content.

Try posting two pictures per day instead of spamming the site within one hour as many bots do.

When adding an accompanying caption make sure it has something witty so as not to come off too “spammy”

Less than 140 characters work best! Remember: less is more when it comes down to being active.

Still maintain authenticity through likes/comments which should be done sparingly, to begin with.

2.Be Active on Instagram

Be Active on Instagram

If you want to avoid being blocked on Instagram, it’s important not to stop posting pictures.

Posting at least twice weekly will keep the system updated and show that your account isn’t a bot.

Recently, Instagram has been cracking down on third-party applications as well as bots.

If either is suspected of happening with your account then they’ll be automatically blocked from using their service again in the future!

For example:

If an inactive user who is active while logged into other power platforms or apps posts heavy content onto Instagram without ever actually logging out of their own profile but never uploading anything themselves.

Their activity would constantly throw up red flags making them highly susceptible for blocking in the near future.

3.Do not spam on Instagram

Don’t spam like a cheater.

You’ll be blocked by Instagram’s bot system and your account will become useless for the time being.

This typically happens if you’re in an engagement pod with multiple accounts where you comment on their posts to gain more comments back, but that might trigger other blocks (like blocks and message blocks) because of what people call “spamming.”

Even sending too many Direct Messages can also cause this type of block as well!

Be careful with the Follow/Unfollow actions

Avoid mass following and unfollowing of people to avoid being blocked by Instagram.

The system is set up so that bots, spammy-like behavior, or any other action may be seen as such if it exceeds a certain number of follow/unfollow actions per day.

Use these recommended Instagram follow limits!

Read the community guidelines on how many follows and unfollows you’re allowed before getting in trouble with this social network.


If you violate Instagram guidelines, it uses an action block.

When a person’s account is blocked they cannot like comments or follow users on the site.

The easiest way to end a block on Instagram is by stopping use of the platform for some time and deleting any automation apps that have been installed so far which are causing issues with your profile usage in this case.

Next, remove all actions associated with daily dilution from your page until such time as things begin going back to normal again.

Instagram has announced crackdowns against these practices lately after noticing their negative effects when left unchecked!

Finally, contact the support team at Instagram if you feel you were blocked erroneously in order to get unbanned.

They can see what went wrong and quickly fix whatever they see fit that can help you get back to normal usage of the service.