How to share private youtube videos (May 2020)

How to share private youtube videos

how to share private videos

In our previous article What does unlisted mean on youtube?’ We clarified the differences between public, private, and unlisted youtube videos. In this article, we shall explore the various methods of sharing private youtube videos.

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Sharing a video is the most secure way to share videos on youtube. They are not only limited to up to 50 people, but they also do not appear in video recommendations, search results, and video tab sections. As if this is not enough people you share a private video with cannot reshare the video with other people. if one gets the link by some means, they still can’t access the video unless they are on your selected ‘invitee’ list.

Among the many advantages derived by private status is that It provides seamless security on sensitive information such as Private organization’s meeting videos. It also avails a free storage hub for all your private videos.

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Step by step guide on sharing a private youtube video

Open YouTube on your computer. Type into the address bar, and hit  Enter or  Return on your keyboard.

  • If you’re not automatically logged in, click the red SIGN IN button on the top-right, and sign in with your Google account.

Click your profile picture icon. Your profile picture is located in the upper-right corner of your screen. Clicking will open a drop-down menu.

Click YouTube Studio on the menu. This option is listed next to a gray gear icon on the drop-down menu. It will open your DASHBOARD page.


Click Videos on the left navigation panel. Find and click this option on the left-hand side of your DASHBOARD page. It will open a list of all your uploaded videos.


Click Visibility next to the video you want to share. This will open the dialogue box with  the 3 options. Click on the private option


Click the Video you wish to share. On the new screen, click on the 3 dots on the top right-hand corner. Then click on the Share privately option
Enter an email address into the text field. This pop-up window allows you to share your private video with your contacts via email.


Protecting your privacy is important when you’re on the internet. You want to enjoy the freedom to create and enjoy videos without the threat of eavesdropping. YouTube private provides a seamless barrier from the prying eyes of the public. Making your YouTube videos private is best if you want to ensure that your videos are as secure as possible. But ultimately, the option depends on how private your videos are.