Can you make money on tiktok? [2021 Case Study]

in TikTok on January 2, 2021by Noah Albert

Making money on TikTok

TikTok, like Instagram, can be a great platform for making money when you know what you’re doing. There are many ways you can make a living from TikTok but some of the most common ones include the following:

  1. TikTok Creator Fund
  2. Affiliate marketing: by sharing videos of products/services in a particular niche and while having your affiliate link in the bio of your profile
  3. Influencer Marketing among others

In this case study, I intend to grow my following on a TikTok page of mine that is dedicated to content about tattoos and eventually monetize it by means of affiliate marketing. This will be an ongoing case study and there will be a lot of experiments with different strategies, so, you might want to bookmark this page so that you can always check back for updates and other progress made.

Organically growing a following on TikTok by scheduling videos

So, I’ve read a few threads by reputable members on different forums about growing TikTok followers rapidly by simply reposting videos with relevant hashtags. One guy who I’ve known for a while and have even borrowed ideas from grew a page to 21K followers in a week or so by reposting comedy videos.


He was using Jarvee’s reposting tool before TikTok made some changes recently that made most of the automation tools dedicated to TikTok on Jarvee buggy. The team behind Jarvee have promised to fix

However, the post scheduling (campaign) function still works so I decided I would use that to schedule a little over 100 videos and see what happens.

I chose the tattoo niche as my intentions are to link to a tattoo design gig on Fiver and possibly make some money as an affiliate when TikTok allows me to put my link in the bio.

I’m using for this case study an old account with no image and nothing posted that was lying around. This account was following 113 and had 11 followers at the time of writing this article.

This is the TikTok account I’m working on

What I’ve done so far

So far, I believe I’ve done everything that needed to be done and now I’m just waiting to see how this project turns out.

The profile is completed, with all the basics done (username, name, and bio done). I’ll admit I’m not very familiar with this niche, but it’ll be a learning experience. I downloaded into a folder about 100 videos from Instagram using Ingramer’s Instagram downloader.

TikTok videos downloaded from Instagram

This is how you schedule a posting campaign on Jarvee:

  1. Make sure your TikTok account is properly set up on Jarvee and shows as VALID.
  2. Click DESTINATION LISTS >> ADD DESTINATION LISTS on the left menu, and under the WALL/PROFILE tab select your TikTok account.destination list tiktok
  3. Now click on CAMPAIGNS >> ADD CAMPAIGN >> ADD STANDARD CAMPAIGN from the left menu. where to publish tiktok
  4. Click on the What To Publish tab, select MONITOR FOLDERS, and browse to find the folder in which you saved the videos you downloaded from Instagram. The When To Publish tab is where you set the number of posts per day your campaign should be posting. TikTok Add folder
  5. We need our videos to reach many users and we’ll be using relevant hashtags to do that. Jarvee has a feature called Dynamic Hashtags where you paste as many hashtags as you want and when it comes time to publish a post, the tool will randomly select a few hashtags and post them with your video. Go to the Overview tab and click on ADVANCED SETTINGS. Select TikTok and check Enable Dynamic Hashtags. Paste your hashtags as here (see image below).TikTok Jarvee dynamic hashtags
  6. You can now close the ADVANCED SETTINGS window and click Start Publishing for your campaign to start.

I started writing this article and went out to do run some errands before publishing it. When I came back I found my tattoo TikTok account had gained a little and is now at 33 followers! So, it looks like this strategy actually works.

DauntlessTattoos TikTok page

Once every couple of weeks I’ll be downloading more videos from Instagram and will save them in that folder where Jarvee will automatically schedule them.

I’ll be updating this article with the number of followers gained, maybe once every day or two, so, it might be a good idea to bookmark this page and check back every once in a while.

Update 1

I haven’t posted any more videos on TikTok in the last 24hrs because I had to travel and couldn’t leave my PC running. My campaigns are paused for now, until tomorrow.

Nonetheless, I was able to gain about 90 followers on the 1st day.

Organic TikTok growth

PS: The free trial version of Jarvee does not contain functions for TikTok. If you’d like to create a similar campaign you’ll have to upgrade to the paid version.

Until next time!


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