Flick Tech Hashtags Review: Is this the best ever hashtags tool for Instagram?

If you’re looking to grow on Instagram, you probably already know that hashtags are one of the best free tools that you have at your disposal on Instagram to attract new followers and more importantly,  targeted followers that are highly motivated for your content and, your business.


Although most people know that, very few know how to use them effectively, and that’s exactly why I’m writing this review of Flick hashtags.

I get tons of questions in my email from people looking for advice on how to conduct hashtag research and a better and more time-efficient way to do it.


That’s exactly what we’re talking about today

We’re going to walk through a tool which is my favorite hashtag research platform called Flick.

This entire article is going be dedicated to showing you behind Flick and explaining why it’s so valuable, how much time it can save you and how much extra reach you can be getting from hashtags with all the tools that Flick provides.

Let’s dive right into the computer and show you why Flick is awesome!

flick tech hashtags review

The URL is flick.tech. The landing page is super aesthetically pleasing, a very simple clean-cut design, which is consistent throughout.


We’re first going to log in. If you haven’t registered already, do it quickly so you can catch up with the rest of us.

Your tools will be outlined to the left so you can find hashtags, find viral posts, your hashtag collections (which will create in a moment), and then your analytics as well and then some resources.

So we’re going to start with finding hashtags because this is one of the most powerful tools that there is to do that.

find hashtags fick tech review

When it comes to finding the right hashtags, it really comes down to understanding your niche and sub-niches that your content and business fall into.

For this hypothetical scenario, I am a fitness Instagram or just someone who focuses on physical fitness and workouts as well as diet and nutrition. Let’s say I’m a keto nutrition guy.

You can search through a topic. Let’s start with Keto then, say, Fitness then, let’s say Nutrition and then say, at-home workouts.

flick hashtags search

In this example, I have at least outlined four niches and sub-niches that my content aligns very well with and that I can use for targeting purposes.

This is why the Flick Hashtag tool is so special

This where the magic really happens. You now have the ability to add hashtag filters. Once you’ve connected your account to Flick, you can actually activate suggested filters and this will automatically do it based on your typical engagement levels.

For the sake of this exercise, I’m going to show you exactly how you can do this yourself. What you do is you would add a new filter and through you’re going to say Ave. Likes, as an option, and then Media Count.

Media Count is how many other posts are assigned to that hashtag and then Ave. Likes is the average number of likes that a piece of content receives that ranks in that hashtag.

So, to rank in a hashtag it means that you showed up in the top nine posts of that hashtag. That’s what’s called ranking in a tag.

Why the Ave. Likes is so important is that if you fall within that level, if you’re within that range, you have a more likely opportunity to rank within that tag and get the benefits that come from that.

That’s why doing this research specific to you and your account is so important. That’s why Flick makes it so easy.

For this hypothetical scenario let’s say we never get less than 100 likes and then we don’t get more than 400 likes. We’re going to apply that filter.

flick hashtags filters

Flick will automatically adjust the tags that it suggests for you, that’s why this is a completely custom-tailored experience. It is going to suggest tags that are associated with the niche or sub-niche that we outlined earlier.

We can then start to create collections. Flick shows you some really useful information right here. For instance, competition score is the level of competition that you’re going into if you’re trying to rank on this tag which is super important to know.

The other metric that they show you is your potential reach. You want to keep that in mind when you’re formulating your strategy and the tags you’re going to use on a specific post.

So what you want to do is to put a mix of low, medium, and high competition tags. You can actually so easily just do that right here.

Okay, we’re going to start building some collections here. It’s as simple as just looking at the information that Flick gives you and then starting to compile them all together.

collecting hashtags flick

Keep the relevancy of the specific piece of content in mind. The more relevant your tags are when combined with the right strategy, the better your results are going to be.

Another reason why Flick is so awesome is that, normally, to find all these would be a lot more labor-intensive, and to have these metrics out here in front of you can save you so much time.

Another question I get asked about all the time is how many tags should I be using on a specific post.

I view it as an opportunity that if I’m throwing a dart against a dartboard I would want all 30 shots if I have them. A lot of people say you get penalized if you use all 30 or you get flagged by Instagram.

That’s just simply not true and I’ve seen no information to back that up so use 30 if you can find 30 solid tags.

At this point, we’ve now populated our first search with 30 tags and we’ve clicked all of them and added them to the side which is going to then allow us to put them into a collection.

As you can see through our quick research again I did this very fast. It speaks to the efficiency of Flick but you probably want to spend a little more time when you’re doing this.

Once you create this collection you now have it at your disposal whenever you want to use this collection again.

flick tech hashtags mobile app

Flick also has a companion mobile app where you can access your collections for super easy copying and pasting when you’re posting onto Instagram.

All right, so, we just created a collection based on our filters. Now let’s go back in and look under the next feature that I want to show you.

Flick Viral Post Finder

flick tech viral post finder

Alright, so the next tool I’m going to show you is their viral post finder. This tool is super important super, valuable for a ton of reasons that I’ll explain.

Again, let’s use the same example. Let’s search up viral posts within Kito. You’ll see the type of content that it’s doing well with the hashtag Keto.

This is a super important tool because it allows you to get creative and figure out what’s working at the time.

There’s such a term as social listening and what that is, is actively looking at what’s currently working on the platform and what people are resonating with.

What this tool does is it allows you to do that in real-time and actually have a visual representation of what’s working on Instagram associated with your niche and sub-niches so you can actually see the content right here.

Say you’re hard-pressed for content ideas. You can literally just type in the tag you’re targeting and boom you have all kinds of ideas that you could replicate which align with your brand, your messaging, and have a good opportunity for it to go viral or perform better than your typical posts.

Flick Hashtag Collections

hashtags collection flick

Now let’s move on to the next tool which is hashtag collections. This is simply where you can go and access all the collections that you’ve made. You can see right here anything that you’ve made in the past and easily access that as well and see the current levels of things because hashtags are a fluid thing. They’re changing all the time based on feedback and user activity.

Another thing I hear all the time is I had tons of success using this one group of hashtags and now I get nothing from it. That speaks to exactly what this feature is about. These things do change and you want to stay on top of them to get the best results.

You can create all kinds of collections right here and you can view them and all the data that goes along with them.

Flick Analytics

flick tech hashtags analytics

The next thing we’re going to dive into is the analytics section of Flick, and something that I think is super cool is it provides all of your data on your content right here in front of you in a very easy to consume way.

Once you connect your account Flick will actually track to see which hashtags you ranked in. Why this is important is because then you can go back and use that tag again and again and actually refine down to just tags that you’ve had great success in.

You can replicate that moving forward with a more refined approach.

Flick Resources

flick resources

Alright, so, now we’re into the resources section. There’s a ton of free resources that Flick provides to all of its users to best use hashtags because if you find great success using tags, you’re going to stick around, you’re going to keep using their service and you’re going to tell a lot more people.

One more thing I want to mention about collections is, a lot of people aren’t aware that there are actually banned hashtags that you do not want to be using.

Flick will actually highlight these tags and tell you which ones are banned so that you don’t use them in the future. That’s another huge benefit to using a hashtag tool like Flick.

That was a brief review of Flick, there’s a lot of tools at your disposal there so I hope you captured how you can go about using that and actually maximize your use of hashtags again if you want to.

Get a free week trial of Flick and see the benefit of using hashtags for yourself.

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