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The Mysterious Disappearance of the Instagram Button on Tiktok: What’s Going On?

Have you recently noticed that the Instagram button has gone missing from all TikTok profiles?

Well, you’re not alone.

This issue seems to have started a year ago for many users, where the Instagram button disappeared from all known profiles that had linked their Instagram accounts.

Let’s take a closer look at this perplexing issue and try to understand what’s going on.

What Happened?

Instagram button disappeared from TikTok bio

As a TikTok user, you may have noticed that the Instagram button, which used to appear above the profile bio, is no longer there.

The issue seems to be affecting iOS users specifically, but some Android users have also reported the same problem.

The disappearing Instagram button has left many users puzzled and frustrated, as they are unable to promote their Instagram accounts to their TikTok followers.

Is There a Solution?

Some users have reported that uninstalling and reinstalling the TikTok app fixes the problem temporarily.

However, the Instagram button disappears again after a while, and users have to repeat the process.

But, be warned that doing this may cause you to lose your drafts.

If you have important drafts that you don’t want to lose, it’s best to wait for a permanent solution from TikTok.

What Are Other Users Saying?

Reddit users have been discussing this issue, and it seems that many are experiencing the same problem.

One user wrote, “I am having the same issue! Did TikTok just decide to remove the Instagram button?”

Another user said, “There wasn’t any announcement for it nor article about it going missing. And most of the TikTok users still have their bio ‘click the IG above,’ but there is no above.”

It seems that no one really knows why the Instagram button disappeared or when it will be fixed.

Another user mentioned that they can still see the Instagram button on their backup account, but not on their main account.

They wrote, “I can’t see it on one account, but for a backup account I have, I can see the buttons just fine. I have no idea why.

This inconsistency has added to the mystery surrounding the issue.

What Is TikTok Saying?

When a Reddit user reached out to TikTok support, they received the following response:

“As TikTok evolves, we continue to iterate on the product to ensure the best user experience for our community. Throughout this process, we experiment with different features and functionalities in different markets. We appreciate your understanding, and your feedback has been sent to the product teams.”

While this response doesn’t offer any concrete solution, it does suggest that TikTok is aware of the problem and is working on a fix.


In conclusion, the disappearing Instagram button on TikTok seems to be a mystery that no one really knows the answer to.

While some users have found temporary solutions, there is no permanent fix at this time.

It’s unclear why this issue is happening, but it seems that TikTok is aware of it and is working on a solution.

Hopefully, the Instagram button will be back soon, and we can all go back to promoting our Instagram accounts to our TikTok followers.

Until then, we’ll just have to wait and see.


Did TikTok get rid of the Instagram link?

It seems like many users are experiencing issues with the Instagram button disappearing from TikTok profiles. However, there has been no official announcement from TikTok about getting rid of the Instagram link.

How do I enable Instagram on TikTok?

Currently, there is no clear solution to enable Instagram on TikTok for users experiencing the missing Instagram button. Some have reported that uninstalling and reinstalling the app temporarily fixes the issue, but it eventually disappears again.

Can you still put your Instagram on TikTok?

It's unclear at this time if users are still able to link their Instagram accounts on TikTok. Some users have reported that the Instagram button has disappeared from all TikTok profiles, while others have stated that they are still able to see it on some accounts. TikTok has not provided an official statement on this issue.

Will I lose my drafts if I delete and reinstall TikTok to fix the missing Instagram button issue?

Yes, deleting and reinstalling TikTok will delete your drafts. So if you choose to do this, make sure to save your drafts elsewhere before proceeding.

Has anyone reached out to TikTok about the missing Instagram button issue?

Yes, some users have reached out to TikTok for clarification on this issue. However, TikTok has only responded with a generic statement, stating that they are constantly experimenting with different features and functionalities for the best user experience.

Why does the Instagram button keep disappearing from my TikTok profile?

It's unclear why the Instagram button keeps disappearing from TikTok profiles. Some users have reported that the button disappears again after a while even after reinstalling the app. TikTok has not provided an official explanation for this issue.