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37 Tips to Build Your Audience on TikTok

TikTok is the newest social media platform with a ton of potential and possibilities.

One thing that can help you build your audience on TikTok is by making sure you’re posting high-quality content that will engage and entertain your followers.

(Ideally, it should be a mix of all sorts of media including text, photos, videos, GIFs, and more!)

Another tip to build your audience on TikTok is to make sure you’re consistent with what you post-don’t bombard people’s feeds with too much content at once or too little content over a long period of time.

That way, they’ll always have something new to see when they visit!

Today We’re Sharing 37 Tips to Build Your Audience on Tiktok!

1. Post Consistently

As mentioned above, it’s key to post consistently and regularly in order to build your audience on TikTok. 

Whether you’re posting daily or less frequently, stick with a regular schedule that lets people know what day of the week they can expect to see your posts.

It’ll also make it easier for them to anticipate your posts and come back to check up on you!

2. Post-High-quality Content That Will Engage and Entertain Your Fans

Posting irrelevant or low-quality content can be a big turnoff to potential followers, so make sure your videos are original, funny, well-thought-out, and/or super exciting!

Don’t forget to include some captions or text in your videos too!

People can watch your video without sound and still get the gist of what you’re trying to say, so make sure the important stuff is easy for them to read!

This will increase your engagement levels on TikTok.

3. Connect with Friends and Other Tiktok Users You Know!

There are lots of ways to get in touch with people on TikTok, from adding friends to sending DMs (direct messages) or commenting on posts made by your connections.

It’s also an opportunity for you to let others know what kind of content you like to post so they can follow you!

4. Use Hashtags to Connect with Other Tiktok Users and Find New Followers

Use Hashtags To Increase Engagement

Hashtags are super helpful when trying to share content and build your audience on TikTok.

They make it easier for people looking for tips or inspiration related to what you’re posting, they can help you find other users in your area, and of course, they can help drive traffic to both your profile and your videos!

Just make sure any hashtags you use are relevant so you’ll reach the most people possible!

5.Tag Friends Who Might Enjoy a Particular Video by Adding @username Tags

Tag Friends Who Might Enjoy a Particular Video by Adding @username Tags

As mentioned above, tagging people is one of several ways on TikTok that lets you connect with fellow app users so they can check out what you’re posting and follow you.

Tagging people in a post or video is an easy way to let them know they’re featured so they’ll know to check it out.

6. Tag Your Location to Help Connect with People near You!

Another great way that TikTok helps users connect is by letting them tag their city or state, which shows up on every one of their posts and videos.

With this feature, it’s easier for locals to find each other because they’re all based in the same area!

7. Respond to Comments from Your Audience on a Regular Basis!

This is an important rule for any social media account, but especially when you’re trying to build your audience on TikTok!

Engaging with potential fans now can inspire them to come back and visit again in the future and check out more of what you’ve posted.

And it’s also a great way to show people that you care about their opinions and want to have conversations with them!

8. Tag Friends in the Caption or Text of Your Posts

As mentioned above, tagging others in TikTok posts is another (and easy!) way for people to find you so they can follow you–it’s practically like word-of-mouth marketing!

9. Don’t Just Ask People to Follow You – Offer Something in Return

This is probably a common-sense tip for anyone trying to gain followers on any platform, but it’s still worth mentioning!

When asking others to check out what you’re posting, make sure you give them something back if they decide to follow you: that way.

Even if they don’t end up following through right away, they’ll be more likely to come back and check out more of your content at some point in the future.

10. Use Polls or Surveys in Group Chats to Increase Engagement and Popularity

Use Polls or Surveys

One of my favorite ways that TikTok is different from Instagram or Facebook is how easy it is to interact with groups of friends online!

Group chats are one way that you can use TikTok to connect with others.

And one of the most fun ways that you can do it is by holding “polls” or surveys for other users to participate in!

For example, you could ask them questions about your content, their opinions on a specific topic, etc.

You’ll find that people respond when they feel like they’re being heard and valued.

And if there’s an opportunity for a prize involved it’ll make it even more appealing!

11. Join Tiktok Communities Related to Your Interests

This allows you to connect with other users who might want to follow you as well!

Join a general TikTok community if you’re just starting out there are plenty of communities made up of people with all different interests and styles!

But, eventually, join some communities that are related to your very specific interest or talent.

Doing this will help grow your following by way of the exposure that comes with joining groups created around certain niche interests

You can find TikTok communities to join in the app itself (search for a community and you’ll be able to see if there’s one related to your interest),

but there are also some groups dedicated specifically to helping users grow their followings on the platform-join those!

12. Be Yourself and Be Authentic

Be Yourself and Be Authentic

I know it sounds clichéd and overdone, but it’s true.:)

TikTok works best when you’re being real with your audience about who you are and what you do

If that means posting funny videos about your cat, go for it!

If you’re into art, show some of your finished pieces or talk about the process behind them.

One thing that really sets TikTok apart from other social media platforms is that there’s a lot more room for creativity and personality (in moderation; as always, don’t overdo it) than other platforms provide.

Use that freedom to build your audience on TikTok and share yourself with the app!

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13. Use Tiktok’s Search Options to Find New People to Follow 

As mentioned above, we’re all about using hashtags on TikTok so people can find your posts (and you don’t have to keep searching everywhere for people with similar interests)

You can also use TikTok’s search options to find people who are posting about subjects or interests you’re into.

Once you find them, you can follow them, like their posts, and even comment on them in an effort to make a connection with the users and possibly get added as a follower yourself.

TikTok has location-based searching tools, too, so if you’re looking to connect with users in your area.

You can find and follow users who are posting from around where you live.

14. Add Personalization Filters to All of Your Posts

Want to make it even easier for people to find you? Personalize all of your posts by adding a personalization filter to the top of each one!

You can find these filters by tapping on them directly underneath your post when you’re editing.

These filters will change the background color behind your video or picture.

This is a great way for people to know it’s yours right away, and it also adds a bit more personality than just a regular picture or video would.

15. Use Emojis in Your Comments!

37 Tips to Build Your Audience on TikTok 1

This can really help you stand out and increase your engagement.

Try to be creative with your emoji choices, and don’t just stick to ones that are super obvious and common (like hearts or smiley faces)

Adding more unique stickers like the food emojis or the adorable animal emojis will get more attention to your comments, and you’ll also be able to stand out from the crowd.

16. Leave Comments on Posts by Other Users as Often as Possible (But Do so Genuinely)

TikTok gives you one opportunity every day, usually at midnight, to give a comment.

You can use this comment for just about whatever you’d like someone’s work in the community, something funny or interesting that happened to you in your day, etc.

This is a great chance to strengthen those relationships with other TikTok users by giving them some attention and replying to their questions or comments (even if you don’t actually follow them).

You don’t have to comment on the person who posted in the first place, either-you can leave a comment on someone else’s post if you want.

When leaving comments, try to be genuine and not just spammy or repetitive.

Don’t just say “nice vid” or something like that – try to make your comments mean something. Make them about the video/picture itself, not just tagging it with a bunch of emojis and saying how awesome it is…

It’s not really awesome; it’s just a video. Show some personality. Be yourself!

If you think one of your comments got blocked by TikTok (which will happen occasionally), then head over to their support site here for more info about why and how that happens.

As long as you’re actually following the rules, it shouldn’t be a problem for you to get it unblocked-just follow their instructions!

17. Get Your Friends on Tiktok If They Aren’t Already Using the App Themselves!

It’s always easier to make connections when there are already people in common between two social media profiles.

So if you have some friends who use TikTok but haven’t added you yet, what better way to connect than to invite them yourself?

Just tap on the icon of your profile at the bottom right corner of the screen (the one with your silhouette), then tap “send friend request” under your profile picture.

You can choose from various filters here too.

I would choose the one that shows your posts from everyone you follow, and also the ones that show your profile picture.

You can also tap on any of the users present here to send them a friend request, or click the “+” button at the top right corner of this screen to add more people (especially if you already have hundreds of followers).

Doing this will give these new friends an alert in their notifications about how they’ve been added to your timeline.

If they accept, you’ll both be connected further and able to view each other’s feeds!

18. Keep Your Profile Picture Interesting!

Keep Your Profile Picture Interesting!

One thing I’ve noticed a lot of people do on TikTok is to keep their profile pictures as just the default silhouette or egg icons that everyone has by default when they first begin using the app.

It’s important to stand out here-even if you don’t have any followers yet, try to find an interesting way to add to your profile picture instead of just doing what everyone else does.

You can use stickers (like emojis), memes, photos, or really anything you’d like in order to set yourself apart from other users.

19. Update Your Location with Posts Where It Makes Sense

Update Your Location with Posts Where It Makes Sense

Having your location as a part of the post is also something that can make you more visible to other users.

If you’re at school, add it as your location so people who are there are more likely to see it in their feed.

Or if you’re traveling somewhere for fun, use the map function (highlighted above) to tag where exactly you are and keep track of how many times others have checked in at that same location!

Make sure not to flood your posts with mentions of it just whenever it’s relevant.

20. Don’t Just Stick to the Default Filter!


InShot- Video Editor Mode is my favorite one so far, but sometimes if I see an unexpected Golden Moment or a moment of pure shock and joy, then Simple is perfect for it (especially when used in conjunction with stickers).

21. Have Fun on TikTok!

The whole point of social media apps like TikTok is to have fun, and that’s why there are followers – to enjoy your content!

So don’t just focus on gaining more followers; instead, post whatever you want whenever you feel like it!

Follow users who you feel reflect your own interests or hobbies because the interactions that follow will be more interesting than any amount of automated likes could ever be.

22. Be Patient with Your Account!

You might follow all these steps and still not see an increase in your followers or likes, but that’s okay!

Gaining a lot of followers starts with actually following other people. And when you’ve got the ball rolling, TikTok will take over from there!

In my experience, it really doesn’t matter if you have only 10 followers-because even having just two people who like your content is better than no one at all!

Keep going at it and eventually, you’ll be able to keep up with automated likes on every post.

23. Don’t Just Stick to Mirrors!

Mirrors are great for getting an idea of what you look like from behind, but doing a slow pan around yourself shows a lot more detail because it gives viewers multiple angles to consider at once.

24. Know the Difference Between Music and Other Types of Sound on Tiktok!

Music will always play while you’re recording a Story or posting a video, but sounds such as your voice work differently.

These noises/voices cannot be used during videos (the top audio effect is disabled in this mode).

But songs are allowed to blend together with both your own voices and the background music (the two options below it which show “music only” and “noise/voice+music” both work).

This makes iPhone users especially happy because they do not need to rely on noise-cancellation earbuds when recording new videos from their phones!

25. If Someone Leaves an Inappropriate Comment,  Report It

The next time you’re scrolling through TikTok and see a comment like this, look out for the small arrow that appears on its left-hand side.  

Click it and select “Report” from the menu, sending an automatic notice to TikTok about how inappropriate it is so they can take care of it!

This process only takes a few seconds of your time but helps keep other users safe when viewing content on the app.

26. Be Careful with What Kind of Accounts You Follow!

If someone is publicly sharing explicit material or interacting inappropriately with minors, don’t follow them directly unless you plan on reporting them once they message you (or until they post something inappropriate on TikTok).

If you just “like” or reply to a comment made by someone, then they will be able to see your username and either message you directly or find your account using their own methods (even if it’s private).

This is why following people who don’t have the most appropriate content can sometimes lead users down a dangerous path.

27. Don’t Just Follow Popular Accounts!

Follow other users with interests similar to your own!.  If you’re into anime, then go ahead and follow fellow fans!

And if you love the same anime as them, leave comments and likes whenever possible!

It doesn’t matter how many followers they have-if they like one of your posts or videos, then you’ll have one more person putting in a good word for you.

And the next time that you get TikTok followers, they will be able to see all your content (and hopefully like it!), making this process all the faster and easier.

28. Don’t go overboard with likes!  

It can seem fun to shower people with likes on every post, but if they think someone is following them just to exploit their content, then they might want nothing further to do with TikTok or those users.

As long as you’re actually watching the videos of other people’s content when liking it-which should help convince them that you really are interested in what they’re posting-then it shouldn’t matter how many likes or comments you leave!

The only time you should be cautious about liking too many posts is if someone has a habit of taking advantage of popular accounts to get their content liked by everyone, then leaving them with nothing more.

As long as they’re posting videos and songs that people genuinely enjoy, that shouldn’t matter in the slightest!

29. Post Videos Around the Same Time Every Day!

 If you post videos at a consistent time every day (or even just stick to posting new content on certain days of the week), then people will be able to keep track.  

It also gives them a better chance to plan when they’ll catch your content if they don’t have much time during the day or are worried about missing something important by not being online 24/7.

30. Consider Which Event Tags and Stickers Works Best for Your Posts!

Many accounts use events and holidays as an excuse to either take extra time off from TikTok or spread their brand awareness with an occasion-specific sticker pack.

If you’re going for any of these approaches, then you’ll need to make sure that they’re all relevant.

For example, if you run a pet account and have made an event sticker of your dog wearing a Santa hat for the holiday season, but you’ve also connected it with the word “pawty”  at the bottom of your post.

Then that’s not only odd but will potentially confuse people who think you’re hosting some kind of event where dogs are in attendance.

31. Check out Recommended Videos on the Homepage!

TikTok’s home page is a great spot for users to check out new stuff from their accounts, as well as that of others

This is another place where you can get inspired by other TikTok users and find the content you might like to share.

32. Use Tiktok’s Hashtag Finder Tools!


There are many Hashtags finding tools you can use to get relevant hashtags.

This is a great way to make sure that your hashtags are relevant and unique.

It can be hard work coming up with a bunch of hashtags that describe your video, so using this filter means you’re not wasting time on tags that other people will be using as well

This can help you share your content with the new and existing users who are actually interested in seeing it.

33. Keep Your Content up to Date!

TikTok’s algorithm means that the app tends to show users posts from accounts they’re most interested in.

This includes posts they’ve been following for a while- so it can be a good idea to keep all of your videos updated and fresh.

This also helps you stay active on the app, so that when you do post something new people will still be coming back and seeing your content regularly.

34. Get Inspired!

One thing TikTok does really well is getting users to think outside the box when posting- so before you get started on creating your own video.

Take a look at some of the posts other people have created and see what kind of videos you can learn from.

35. Learn from Your Viewers!

If you’re doing some kind of special promotion or event and want to make sure you’re getting as many views on your videos as possible.

It might be a good idea to get feedback from your followers and watch the most popular videos they’ve been creating.

This way you’ll know what sort of content gets the best results.

36. Don’t Get Frustrated!

TikTok is a fun app, so don’t let it stress you out.

if things aren’t going your way then take a break.

Try something new the next time you’re on the app and remember that there’s no point forcing yourself to produce videos that just aren’t right for you.

37. Make Sure Your Content Is Original

As with any kind of social media- the more you can give people content they’ve never seen before, the better your chances are of getting views.

If you have a really big following on TikTok then you could take this one step further by being unique in your approach to videos!


TikTok is something that’s a lot of fun- but it can also be really difficult to know where to start, especially if you’re trying to use it as part of your marketing strategy.

If you keep the tips in this article in mind then you should have no problems getting started and using the app to build your audience on TikTok and generate new followers.

If you have any questions or comments about this post, please feel free to leave them in the comment section below!