The best bot for Reddit in 2020 (An introduction)

in Reddit on May 22, 2020by Noah Albert

I’m really excited that Jarvee decided to add Reddit to the social platforms you can automate your activities on. This opens up a whole new opportunity for Internet marketers to be able to target more people without having to spend more time doing so.

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The way Jarvee introduces a new social platform is normally gradual. You’ll see only a few features in the first few days and as days go by, more and more features are included.


This Reddit bot that has just been introduced on Jarvee comes with the following 3 main features:

  • Comment
  • Upvote
  • Upvote Comments

I’ll walk you through each one of those features in a moment and we’ll see what you can do with it.

Remember that more features will have been introduced by the time you get to read this article.

Reddit auto comment bot

best reddit comment bot

This feature on Jarvee allows you to auto comment on Reddit posts based on specific keywords that you give the bot. The way it works is, this Reddit bot by Jarvee will search for posts using the keywords you gave it, and then it will leave a comment on them.

I love the fact that this bot allows you to use syntax so that you don’t end up leaving the exact same comment on every post that you comment on.

comment sources reddit jarvee bot

To tell the bot what keywords you want to target, got to the ‘Sources‘ tab (3) and enter your keywords as I’ve demonstrated in the screenshot above.


Now type in your comment (5) before going back to the ‘Settings’ tab to start the bot.

Reddit auto upvote bot

reddit auto upvote bot

With this feature, you can perform the following:

  • Upvote posts by specific URL
  • Upvote posts in specific Subreddits
  • Upvote posts of specific users
  • Upvote posts on homepage

These options are found under the ‘Sources‘ tab.

There a feature under the ‘Settings’ tab that allows you to use multiple Reddit accounts to do the upvoting. This only means that the more Reddit accounts you have, the more upvotes you can give out.

What a great opportunity for starting a service for selling Reddit upvotes!

Reddit auto upvote comment bot

reddit auto upvote comment bot

The Reddit upvote comment feature gives you the following two feature to make use of:

  • Upvote specific comment by URL
  • Upvote comments of specifics user

You’ll find these features under the ‘Sources‘ tab.

This feature also comes with the option to use multiple Reddit accounts to upvote comments.

Setting up your account on this Reddit bot

In order to start using this Reddit bot, you’re going to quickly register, download and install Jarvee. They have a 5-day trial period that you can make use of.

adding your reddit account

Once you’ve installed Jarvee, got to SOCIAL PROFILES > ADD PROFILE > REDDIT.

reddit username jarvee

Type in your username and password then hit VERIFY ACCOUNT. Once verified, it should now say VALID. reddit valid jarvee

You’re now ready to start automating your activities on Reddit.

It is worth noting that if you’re going to be using multiple Reddit accounts on Jarvee, it is good practice to allocate each account its own proxy so that they don’t all appear to originate from the same IP address.

You’re all set to start botting on Reddit!

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