Best Jarvee Twitter Settings for 2020

in Twitter on September 18, 2019by Noah Albert

If you’ve been following my Twitter journey to $100+/day then you must be aware that having the right Jarvee settings for Twitter is a crucial factor in growing your Twitter accounts.

There’s really nothing like “best Jarvee settings for Twitter”. Everyone can have different settings and still be able to gain followers and promote their products. The key here though is, there are certain limits that you should not exceed.

Twitter has made it public that you can follow only up to 400 users per day but after running my own tests time and again, I’ve found that the niche of your account matters too when it comes to these limits.


For instance, I’ve found that while adult accounts are easier to grow, they do encounter a lot of restrictions when it comes to how many they can follow, unfollow and DM. Others may have fewer restrictions but they’re usually slower at gaining followers.

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The settings I’m sharing with you on this article have been achieved through a period of rigorous testing and in the process, I have lost tens of Twitter accounts to arrive at these optimum settings.

jarvee twitter settings

So, what’re my current Jarvee settings for Twitter?

NB: My copy of Jarvee might have a different user interface from yours but that’s just because I’m using an old user interface. Everything else should work the same.

Follow Settings

jarvee twitter follow settings


  • Follow 2-4 users per operation
  • Wait 35-60 minutes before each new operation


  • Follow 100-120 users per day
  • Scroll the search page for 120 seconds (designed to mimic normal human behavior)


  • Do not follow private users


  • Like latest posts of user after follow [Like between 1 and 3 posts]
  • Like percentage 80%

jarvee twitter after follow settings

On the follow sources tab I have checked only these two:

  1. Follow followers of target accounts
  2. Follow active users – that have retweeted/liked posts

Unfollow Settings

My Jarvee Twitter unfollow settings are displayed in the image below:

fueltok best TikTok bot

jarvee twitter unfollow settings

So, there you have it. Use the comments section below if you have any questions

Until next time!


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