Best Jarvee Instagram Settings for 2020 (May)

What’re the best Jarvee Instagram settings for 2020?

2020 Jarvee Instagram Settings

Over the past few months automating on Instagram using third-party tools has increasingly become difficult and expensive. We’re not able to perform half the actions we used to before the updates that began in June last year.

I’ve been using Jarvee to automated my social media activities across different platforms including Instagram. However, as Instagram became tougher as well as costlier to automate on, I’ve found myself shifting focus to the other platforms particularly Twitter, Pinterest, and Quora.

I’ve shared some of my Jarvee Twitter settings on this blog, so, check them out if you’re doing more than just Instagram.

I got back to automating Instagram on Jarvee and it’s been a couple of weeks now. I’ve seen some great results as well as disappointments in equal measure.

I figured it would be wise if I started a blog post that I’d update frequently and share what’s working for me so that we can exchange ideas right here in the comments.

It’s important that I should mention that most of what I may be sharing are not my original ideas but bits and pieces of information that will sometimes come from smart individuals on the same journey as the rest of us. I’m a member of several groups dedicated to automating Instagram on Jarvee, so, there’ll be plenty of tips I’ll be sharing here for further discussion.

best Jarvee Instagram settings
Same strategies working for others

My own Jarvee Instagram settings

To start us off, I think it’s important to mention some basic steps you must always take if you’re running your Instagram on Jarvee:

  1. Always make a point to have a few scrapper accounts to do all the scrapping so that your main/clients’ accounts are not seen to perform too many activities.
  2. Make few to none API calls. The embedded browser should be your best friend and all your. You’ll get fewer blocks when you use the embedded browser.
  3. Mobile proxies are key nowadays. I’ve tried all sorts of proxies and none except virgin 4G proxies work. I’m currently using 4G proxies from Airproxy and I’m running 3-5 accounts per proxy.
  4. The comments function seems to result in blocks so I avoid using that.
  5. When you get blocks it’s best to allow your account to rest. A minimum of 24hrs is recommended but I usually allow mine to sit for up to 4 days.
  6. I keep my follows between 120-150/day. I know a lot of people who do up to 200 but I prefer to keep things running moderately.
  7. Always remember to randomize your activities at all times.

Obviously I haven’t shared screenshots of my exact settings. The problem with doing so is that you’re going to have too many people copying the very same settings to which Instagram is easily going to catch up on.

I’d recommend bookmarking this page as I plan to frequently share more strategies that are working for me.

Watch out for the next update.

Update 5/1/2020 Jarvee Instagram Settings

In this update on the best Jarvee Instagram settings, I’d like to show you how you can quickly set up your scrapper accounts to do all the scrapping for ALL your Instagram accounts.

With this method, you won’t need to change your scrapper accounts’ settings or add new scrapper accounts.

Setting up your scrapper accounts on Jarvee for all your Instagram accounts

Here’s how to go about it:

  1. First, we’re going to give all our scrapping accounts a tag. The tag ‘SLAVE‘ will do just fine for this example. Just make sure to tag all your scrapping accounts with the same tag.
  2. Now go to Settings -> Social Profiles -> Instagram on Jarvee and make your settings look like what’s shown on the following image: Instagram Jarvee settings

By doing so, Jarvee will use only Instagram accounts labeled ‘SLAVE’ to do all the scrapping of data.

This will ensure you don’t overuse any particular scrapping account as Jarvee will attempt to use all your slave accounts evenly.

With this method, you’ll also be able to see the follow-back ratio.

Here’s how to keep your scrapping accounts from getting blocked

On each scrapping account, go to advanced profile settings and copy the following settings: advanced jarvee instagram settings

PS: I get most of my Jarvee Instagram settings from Tolik’s tips. Make sure to check him out.

Watch out for the next update.