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0 Views on TikTok: Why and How to Fix It

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  1. If you’re still having issues with this, please check here: for alternative solutions.

  2. Most of the time they’ll let you know if your appeal has been rejected, however, that should not stop you from spamming them with more appeals. When they stop responding, send appeals using different emails.

    Appeals are seen by different staff members, so, you’re more likely to get your account back when you sent multiple appeals.

  3. Have you tried using a different email? It doesn’t have to be the one attached to your account.

  4. I would continue send appeals and should they stop responding, switch emails.

  5. Please follow this guide:

    There are TikTok appeal emails in there that you can use to get your TikTok account unbanned.

    Good luck!

  6. please send this message to TikTok using any one of the emails I’ve shared above.

    We have noticed that when you send them an email every few hours, it improves your chances of getting it unbanned quicker.

  7. it can take longer sometimes for the block to be lifted. Give it 48hrs

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